28 August 2007

Weekend in Finland

I went to Finland last weekend with my clubmates to take part in the Youth Jukola and the individual competition on the next day.

Nuorten Jukola
, 25.08.
Course: 6,37 km. 
Lap 1
My goal wasn't a super run as we were not on a very high position but I wasn't going to just jog either. While my speed was quite low due to the pain in my chest almost all the way from the 7th control till the end, I made only one significant mistake (8th control).

Lap 2
As for the results, our Total place was 39. The first leg came in 65th and all the other legs but one finished in a higher position. I ran the last leg and started on the 50th place. I had the 10th leg time and came in 39th. My splits.
I guess we can be pleased by that place as we haven't been that good for a very long time.

Rastipiikkiö, 26.08.

The competition turned out to be quite fun, despite my reckless run.
The beginning seemed auspicious, until I came to the 3rd control. I started looking for it too early as there were cliff-like formations there also.
The area before the 6th was very weird and I lost some time there.
You can also see the brilliant routechoice to the 11th.
The second big mistake was the 12th. Ran to the southern marsh.

  1.   Lauri Sild        49.44             
2.   Mikko Siren       50.20        +36
3.   Petr Zaslonkin    52.52      +3.08

But still, I won. Surprisingly mild opponents. I thought that I came about 5th, when I finished.

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