21 August 2007

Bohemia day 1

Bohemia 2007, day 1, 15.08.

Course: 5,4 km, ~325 m climbing.
Map: Uhlířská věž, 1:7500, H 5 m.
This was my first experience on this kind of terrain. I was afraid that the routechoices would be really tough and that I would be defeated by the steep hills, which I'm not really used to.
S-1: The plan was just to run straight. Over the clearing, onto the steep hillside. It was pretty darn difficult getting from above to below - the soil was quite loose and running down fast from such a steep incline didn't seem like a very good idea. Ran up from the junction of the big gullys, around the big cliffs. No difficulties with the control.
1-2: Straight down, to the small path on the other side. Followed the track and then the distinctive boundary for a while.
2-3: Slowly and carefully in the beginning. Got exactly to the right place and ran directly to the flag.
3-4: No straight running here! Some fast running on the slope of the hill, finally reaching the bottom. Powerwalking up the re-entrant just before the clearing. Just running from there on.
4-5: Some running on the slope again, past the cliffs, then up and onto the path. Straight to the open area.
5-6: Down and up. Ran to the bend of the hillside and went down. Was in the control and checked the code – didn't match! What the heck!? This must be mine! After walking away from the control a few meters, I checked the code again and this time it was a match! Dammit, why did I look at the wrong code in the first place?
6-7: Around the big gullies. Didn't see the control flag at first, but after a second I did.
7-8: Started quite slow, as I couldn't choose a route at first. When coming out on the open area, I had decided to avoid as much climbing as possible and run from above. Used the open areas at first, then zig-zag over and through the spurs and gullies. In the end, followed a track and kept my distance from the cliffs.
8-9: Another tough choice for me. Now I was just standing in the control, selecting a way to the next one. About 10-15 seconds passed and I decided to go down from the south and run up the opposite gully (not the best choice). When trying to run up, I almost barged into a deer calf that looked exactly like “Bamby” and who was really terrified. It was running downhill at full speed and passed my with about two meters. Back to business. After recovering from the climbing it was just path running.
9-10: Not really possible to run straight down without seriously injuring myself. Up from the side of the big spur. Easy control.
10-11: Followed the side of the green until I came to a definite cliff, from where I went down. Fighting with the vegetation. Couldn't tell the difference between the path and the narrow clearing, so I ran all the way up from the left hand gully, till I came on the clearing. No difficulties with the control.
11-12: On to the road. Ran to the place where I had been before and turned in from there. Some contours and then the control.
12-13: Here I didn't notice that I had the 13th control. I was planning running directly to the 14th, since the legs were on the same line. I saw two choices – running down right away or following the hillside for a while and then descend. Chose the second one. First I wanted to run down from the gully which I had come up before. But big gully before that looked fine, so I went down from there. When reaching the bottom, only then I noticed that there was another control. Angrily walked up again and punched. This was fatal on that day.
13-14: Down again. Run. Wanted to go straight up from the clearing, but changed my mind when seeing that the forest before it was OK. Easy.
14-15: Some beaten track.
15-F: People in the way.
    1 Jan Klapal         55:56      +0:00
2 Ondøej Malý        56:34      +0:38
3 Lauri Sild         56:48      +0:52
4 Jiøí Petr          61:56      +6:00

I was quite satisfied with my race. Except for the control that I almost missed.

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