5 August 2007

O-Ringen etapp 4

O- Ringen etapp 4 - Linköpingsetappen

S-1: Decided not to return to the road and run straight. Once I got to the re-entrant, I was a bit too low and didn't see the control due to the high grass. But when I came closer to the re-entrant, I was very surprised as it was really wet and I thought I had already ran to the next re-entrant with the narrow marsh. So I ran back a bit and saw a control which I went to check out. It wasn't mine, but when I saw that the controls object was a hole, it became clear where I was and that I had been in the right place actually. I took off at a quite a high speed from there.
1-2: Continued the vegetation border and turned in to run over the small hill. The dark green was actually really good to pass through but when I came to the light green area, it was almost impossible to press through at some places. Disappointed in the map again.
2-3: Compass.
3-4: What a "great" control object.
4-6: Run.
6-7: The control area was a bit like lottery.
7-8: -
8-9: Is that a re-entrant!?
9-10: Read every technical detail on the leg.
10-11: Used the first aid post to navigate. But didn't quite see the "terrific" control object again.
11-12: Wanted to run straight through the forest a bit further but came to the path earlier than expected and at that point it seemed like a good idea to run straight. When getting closer to the small bay of the lake, I somehow started reading myself into the next bay. But when I got back on the path, I knew where I really was. No big mistake fortunately. But I was very unconfident and took it slow when closing in on the control.
12-13: Got to the power line and ran up a few meters and then looked at the map what I stupid thing I had done. Turned right in and passed the control by a few meters ...again.
13-14: A strengthful run up the hill.
14-15: No problems.
15-16: Passed the large depression and ran through the saddle. Just followed the smaller path to the bigger one. The plan was to cut off the corner but once I was on the spot, I reconsidered my choice and ran around. Again a powerful run up the hill. The physical shape was good.
16-F: No comment.

1. Jesper Lysell 39:56
2. Ulf Forseth Indagard 42:17 +2:21 !!!

15. Lauri Sild 44:33 +4:37
1. Erik Johansson 154:05
14. Lauri Sild 161:49 +7:44

What the terrain!? I wasn't surprised to have lost so much after all of those small mistakes and one big one. And the running side isn't my strongest. But it was the best race on this competition so far and I felt quite good. The winner of the day had a massive time, didn't he?

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