20 October 2008

End of the season

Just because I haven't been writing, doesn't mean that I haven't been training or competing. For those who have been expecting something to read from this blog, I am truly sorry that I haven't cared much for updating! But here are the rest of the maps from this seasons most important races:
Rest of the JWOC:
Long distance. Emphasis on the 7/12 control, where I completley didn't understand the map, and also the 14 which was probably the result of the heat and tiredness. The rest went OK. 12th place.
Relay. Again I managed to make one mistake. But all in all, a great race! Had the speed, had the durability. Leg: 3rd; total 4th.

Long distance. Managed to avoid any catastrophes. Some minor mistakes + one headless situation. Although feet were a little stiff, a 3rd place! I'm satisfied, but still had a desire for the gold!
Relay. Speed was fine, but my digestion problems didn't really allow me to achieve full potential. Still moved fast enough! A tactical move to put me to the 2nd leg proved to work! And the prize - European Youth Champion along with Raido Mitt (first leg) and Kenny Kivikas (third leg). Both of whom made a great race!

Sprint. Though not my highest aim, I this time hoped more
. Despite the fact that I almost literally shit myself during the race, I did what I could and achieved 4th place. Not bad. But I did expect a bit of a trickier course.

Other competitions worth mentioning might be O-Ringen, where I got the 2nd place in M18E.
A week before the EYOC, took place the annual Baltic Junior Cup. I won the long distance with a lead of 3 minutes! What amazes me even more is that I won the realy's first leg where I flew off the planet for at least 3 minutes!
Meanwhile I'll continue resting until the preparations for the next season begin!