22 August 2007

Bohemia day 2

Bohemia 2007, day 2, 16.08

Course: 5,2 km, ~320 m climbing.
Map: Upíří hrad, 1:7500, H 5 m.

Directly down from the big gully on the left. Up from the cliffs.

1-2: Looked for a possibility to run around but saw none. Right back down again, over the clearing and up the re-entrant. Up and down. Over the last open area and the control was taken easily.
Saw three choices in the beginning of this leg. From the right, middle or the left? Chose the middle one. By the path and down from the slope. Ran up right before the green area started on the left.

Saw only one optimal choice. Down to the road, across the open area. Then right back up again, which was brutal. When finally up, followed the edges of the hill until I went down again and passed the small swamp, which was very clear. Going up again, I almost ran into a dead-end. The slope between two cliffs was too steep, so I was in trouble. But fortunately managed to climb up in the end. Seemed easy - I was certain of my location all the way, until I got really close to the control, I ran up the wrong re-entrant. To the stone where supposedly the cave had to be. What? Immediately realized where I was. Quickly to the correct boulder.

Back the way I came. Between the upper and the lower cliffs. Some hesitation before the control but no mistake.

Holding the height, ran through the green areas and down the hill from the side of the dark green. Followed the path until it split. Up. Got in the middle of the cliffs and was confused a bit. Couldn't make up anything from the map. Some seeking in the area but no progress. Decided to run up and come in from another direction. On the way, I stumbled upon the control.

6-7: Down and up again. Easy.
Painful running down the hill. Just roads to the control. The last hill was hard to take, so I walked in the end.

8-9: Continued climbing. Around the big gully, No problems with the control.
9-10: Didn't want to go straight, so I went west and climbed up to the road. Tough running til the refreshment point in the re-entrant. Didn't drink, just went down to the control.
10-11: Back up again. Now I drank. Down the big spur. Down to the control. By the way, the control was in a quite a narrow crack between the cliffs. About the width of a control flag.
11-12: Zig-zagged through and over the gullies and the spurs. Got to the last hill and looked for a way up. Saw the first corridor up - not possible to run up. Saw the second - seemed OK. Went up but unfortunately there was a stone right in the way. Couldn't get over it. Damn! Back down again. Continued to look for an entrance. In the end, I saw a very narrow crack again. Climbed through it. I felt like an alpinist. Control was easy.
12-13: Down the way I came. Again some rough climbing. Saw that it wasn't possible to go straight, so I ran around. Down the road and up right before the clearing on the left. Easy.
13-14: Fast. The control object was an entrance to a cellar.
Best time.


    1 Jan Klapal        59:09   
2 Lauri Sild        59:20     +0:11
3 Teddy Lejsek      61:00     +1:51
    1 Jan Klapal        115:05
2 Lauri Sild        116:08    +1:03
3 Ondøej Malý       118:11    +3:06
4 Teddy Lejsek      124:05    +9:00
Disappointed in my race. How could I have lost only 11 seconds with this kind of a run? Everyone must have made mistakes.

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