5 August 2007

O-Ringen etapp 3

O- Ringen etapp 3 - Tidernas Landskapsetappen

Probably the worst day at O-Ringen this year.

S-1: Undescribable. Followed the green border in the beginning and the turned in and took a bearing to the control area. Ran over some higher places and thought I was there. But no control. Ran up again and then down to check once more. Then I saw the field and realized where I was. Approaching the area, I was confused by a lot of rocks. There was almost a field of boulders. Which is the right one? Searched through almost all of the stones. Although I was very near to the control, I didn't see it. Finally I found the control between two random rocks. Was the flag hidden or am I blind?
1-2: Why run almost straight by the path when I can also run through bushy and swampy areas? I can't really explain why I ran that way.
2-3: Out to the footpath. The vegetation in the clearing was very unpleasant so I ran a bit further. The situation hadn't changed so I decided to run all the way around the hill. Tried to get the stone but I wasn't really in the right place. The "white forest" was actually very green, which also had me confused. Made a small loop and finally found the easy control. What's wrong with me?
3-4: Paths. Then by the small hills. Clean.
4-5: Straight forward, but went down a bit too early. Good.
5-6: Fast running. When coming to the ditch, I just saw a pond of mud. While crossing it, I tripped and fell into it. The whole map was completely covered in dirt. Tried to clean it with my hand and pants, but it was hopeless. For some time it was unreadable, but after a while it got better. From the path in, I was almost walking just to match the map to the terrain. They didn't seem to go together. I saw a lot of things that should have been on the map but where not. At least the control object was understandable.
6-7: Straight.
7-8: Took a bearing to the higher area which I never really got to. I got to another one, which was further away. I was a bit lost. Everything was out of place, it was nothing like the map. Moved on slowly to get to some distinctive object, to locate myself. When I was on the slope, I didn't see the path below unfortunately. But when I started seeing bigger rocks ahead, I was beginning to understand. Ran up again and led a very unconfident way to the control.
8-9: What's to read? Followed some beaten tracks, which led a bit off course. Then fortunately saw the flag.
9-F: Run Forrest, run!

1. Olle Boström 22:03
53. Lauri Sild 26:33 +4:30
I was quite surprised to have lost only 4:30 to the winner with this kind of run.
1. Erik Johansson 110:24
16. Lauri Sild 117:16 +

This competition was getting more depressing by the day. I didn't consider myself as an orienteer after that day. Imagine what the next day would bring if I kept up the "good work". But the map would be different the next day so I was looking forward to trying to run on a different kind of terrain.

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