8 August 2007

Krootuse Sprint

Krootuse sprint 04.08

Sprint, 3,24 km.
Map: 1:5000, H 2,5m

Later that evening, after Koprakarikas' second day, there was a sprint event in a nearby town. Although I ran the 18 class, we had the same course as the men did.
When warming up, I didn't feel the lightness in my feet, which is crucial for sprints.

S-1: Moved on slowly, trying to find the starting point. Finally found it and then tried to find a way to the first control. I saw that I could get in the fence but where could I get out? Eventually did see the other gate and forced myself to run fast. It was difficult to make up from the map if I could get through between the house and the settlement area. When I got there, I saw that I could but the space between two buildings was as narrow as it was on the map.
1-2: Around and between gardens and greenhouses. At one small hut sat two drunk men, telling which way to go. Didn't listen to them but they were right :)
2-3: Difficult to get directly through the hedge so had to run a few meters extra to get to the other side.
3-5: -
4-6: Directly to the small bridge over the canal and up the hill. My feet felt nicely loose.
6-7: Down the road and saw that there was no way getting straight through. Ran more down and wanted to find the footpath. Passed it by a meter and quickly went back and ran up. Hit a lot of nettles, which weren't very pleasant as I had kneeshort o-pants and no long socks.
7-8: Directly down. On the field, there was another wide sandy track which had me confused a bit and the proportion of the map felt weird. But still punched with no considerable mistake.
8-9: Astonishing. Took the path to run around the big building but then checked the control description and saw that the control was on the inside corner of the fence! Immediately stopped and seeked for the nearest entrance. Saw the one on the left. Went back and about a 100 meters later, I could see the control, and it was on the outside corner! What the heck!? Checked control description again and I wasn't wrong, it had to be on the inside corner. But as the control was outside, had to run around the settlement and to the control. What a negligent job by the organizers!
9-10: Ran straight, but there was something big on the terrain that I didn't see on the map! It was an electrical substation. Since I didn't see it on the map and I was going in the correct direction, I didn't pay any attention to it.
10-11: Some motocross tracks and a few nettles in the end.
11-12: No choice.
12-13: Before the control, I decided to run around the house from the left as it would be easier to continue running straight on from there. But as I turned around the corner, I stepped in to a puddle of almost pure liquid manure. It wasn't very deep, but my trainers were covered in it and it stinked terrible!
13-14: Didn't understand, if I could get through between the two settlement areas. Took my chances. Fortunately I could. Right before the control, I saw that there was another flag in the corner of the left house as well. But I knew where mine was. Punched and was chocked when I saw that the control code wasn't mine! Very confused as I was very definite of my exact location. Went to the other flag I had seen and saw that the control code was correct! Punched in that one too and was again angry with the organizers. Turns out, those control stations were mixed.
14-15: Straight to the cave. The control was 20 meters inside it. It was dark but I could see enough.
15-16: Very tired.
16-F: Almost maximum in that condition.


  1. Lauri Sild                     Võru                 00:15.49
2. Kaspar Kork                    Kobras               00:15.54
3. Priit Randman                  Rakv                 00:16.05
4. Erki Pellja                    JOKA                 00:16.53    
Not satisfied with the race or the competition at all.

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  1. "Not satisfied with the competition at all"

    Thats my kind of comment. It´s not about the winning, it´s about the perfect race.