28 August 2007

Bohemia day 5

Bohemia 2007, day 5, 19.08

Course: 5,1 km, ~330 m climbing.
Železná brána, 1:7500, H 5m.

Before the start I felt relaxed and confident. I knew that nothing could stop me.

S-1: Took it slow and firm.
1-2: Straight up, around the cliffs, heading to the clearings. When reaching the path in the gully I looked at my watch and saw that the second place just started. A tricky control. Tried to hold the height and navigate by the bigger cliffs. Mixed up the lower cliffs with the upper ones and got confused. Landed in some other control and tried to figure out my position. Finally got it and ran to my control. About 30 seconds of loss.
2-3: Quite easy. Right up and through the small crack.
3-4: Almost straight to the clearing heading to the control itself. Didn't quite get the location of the control at first. But when I got it, it was back to mountaineering. Tough climbing between the narrow openings.
4-5: Back down from the crack and up from the opposite side. 90 degree turn to the left, to avoid the huge cliffs. Jumped over a lot of deep cracks on the way. Now that felt like parkour. The control itself was a little tricky. The small knolls In the green and yellow were tough to separate but I managed and didn't lose any time.
5-6: Straight to the road by the narrow clear area. Avoided as much green as possible. Some seconds in the control area.
6-7: Down and held the height till I came to the right spot and went down to punch.
7-8: The plan was unclear. Just held the height and tried to figure out a plan. Made up my mind and decided to go from above.
8-9: No problems.
9-10: Straight. No need to drink.
10-11: I was afraid that the control would be hard to find as the object wasn't so distinctive. But no problems occurred.
11-12: At first I didn't even see the 12th control and wanted to run directly to the 13th. Got on the road and only then noticed the
control. Didn't know where I went in exactly but I thought that I went up almost directly to the control. There was a flag but it wasn't mine. So I wandered around for some time before understanding where I was.
12-13: To the southern road. By the edges of the green areas. Down around the cliff.
13-14: Up and by the side of the hill. Some seconds lost near the control again.
14-15: Right around the gully and followed the road for a while. a bit after the fenced open area, I turned in and crossed my route to the first. I saw the 8th place in our class running to the first. Down the gully, into the control.
15-16: Very tough climbing. Maybe the last serious ascend this competition. To the road and to the north-western tip of the hill. First wanted to run around the green but couldn't really do that. It was awful but I managed to see a wild boar running like a torpedo. If only I could run that fast.
16-17: Between the cliffs. I was afraid of the control as it seemed a bit bingo. But fortunately the green was distinctive and found the flag without difficulties.
17-18: Down the road and over the big spur.
18-F: At last!


1 Malý Ondřej          49:12
2 Procházka Pavel      51:39 +2:27
3 Sild Lauri           51:48 +2:36 

1 Sild Lauri        234:30
2 Klapal Jan        246:34 +12:04
3 Malý Ondřej       252:45 +18:15
I was sure that the second place would get closer to me but to my surprise I doubled the lead! This competiton was really fun! I hope to run there again some time.


  1. Lauri, you are so good:D I am your big big big big big fan:P (kiss)

  2. I have an anonymous fan?