7 August 2007

Koprakarikas day 2

Koprakarikas 04.08

Long distance, 7,65 km.
Map: 1: 15 000, H 2,5m.

There was no meaning to go running at maximum speed and strength because of the tragic first day. There wasn't much to catch - I was way far behind. But still tried to give a competitive performance.

S-2: Paths and contours.
2-3: Followed the ditch and ran to dry land. Held to the left on purpose, so that I knew which way to run when I reached the edge of the marsh. Turned left before the narrow marsh and I could already see the orange-white triangle.
3-4: Long one. Had only decided half way of the leg. Wanted to hit the narrow ride but had some problems catching the end of it. Crossed without barely noticing and came back when I was already in the green. On the field. Didn't want to run straight by the edge, so I ran through the event centre. The plan was to run through the swamp a bit and reach the end of the straight path. But as the marsh was not so nice, I ran around it. When reaching the clearing, I was trying to make a decision where I should continue. There was a small path that went straight on but seemed to end at the refreshment point (when running, I thought it was a north line that continued from there on, as it's almost exactly on the same line). So I saw an alternative - to run through the white all the way till the long straight road/track. When I turned in from the road to the "white" forest, I expected good runnability, as well as visibility. But I was frustrated by the sight - it was the opposite of what I had waited for. So I struggled until I got to the first track, from where on it was nice forest. Didn't know my precise location, as I just ran towards the
long straight road/track. As the temperature was high and the sun was high up in the sky, the running part wasn't easy. When I got to the big road, I was surprised by the view - no forest ahead. In fact, logging was taking part that very moment. Then I remembered that this was mentioned in the info. I followed the contours, but still ended up too low - at the lower marsh. Cautiously ran upwards and punched.
4-5: Some carving through the green.
5-6: Running around seemed to be too much, so I ran to the marsh and followed the small ditch. Then used the big road as a catching feature. Clarified my position and punched.
6-7: Past the swamp and a lucky shot to the control. Refreshments, but I didn't feel the need to.
7-8: Carefully.
8-9: Tough choice. Around the hill. By the look of the clearing and the green at the back, I decided to run around. Hit the road and then followed a beaten track to the white part of the forest. Easy control.
9-10: Straight across, and up the hill. 15 000 was a bit hard to read so I stopped for a sec to glance at the map. Simple again.
10-11: By the side of the clearing, till the road. Read myself too much ahead and turned in too early. Had a brief moment for thinking and then continued in the correct direction.
11-12: Around the mire.
12-13: Didn't make anything out of the scale so took a bearing and tried to keep in touch with the map. Looked at the terrain and knew directly where I was. Quickly to the control.
13-14: Wanted to run to the north-directed narrow ride, but ended up on the east-west-directed one. I thought I was on the correct one and quickly checked the compass - everything seemed to be fine. So I continued to run till the crossing with the refreshment point but I was surprised when I came to a clearing without any drinks. Checked compass again and now it was a whole different story - I was heading in the exact opposite direction. Ran fast to make up for the loss that I had made. Still wasn't any refreshments on the way but then I saw that the point was a bit away from the crossing. The rest was easy.
14-15: Went carefully, not to repeat the mistake I had previously made on the short leg.
15-16: Even more carefully.
16-17: Followed the ridge.
17-18: Out to the white and straight on.
18-F: Tried to run fast but not maximum.


1. Lauri Sild                  53.02
2. Kristo Heinmann     54.01      +0:59
3. Andris Kivlenieks   56.15      +3:13
4. Priit Randman         58.04      +5:02
5. Erki Pellja               01:02.09   +9:07
Kaspar Kork             DQ                DQ
1. Kristo Heinmann         01:24.06
2. Priit Randman              01:30.06      +6:00
3. Andris Kivlenieks       01:31.18      +7:12
4. Lauri Sild                       01:33.05      +8:59
At last, after a very long time, I had made a race that I could be a little satisfied with.

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