27 August 2007

Bohemia day 4

Bohemia 2007, day 4, 18.08.

Course: 4,48 km, ~275 m climbing.
Map: Habrůvka, 1:7500, H 5m.

As I had taken the lead in total now, I tried to continue running as good as I had the other days.

S-1: Wasn't afraid of the green so I went straight through it. Climbing was difficult but I managed. Easy.
1-2: Up to the road and down the narrow re-entrant, sided by cliffs.
2-3: Up the gully, onto the path. Followed it for a while and went straight on to the next path. Tried to use the narrow clearing but didn't hit it at once. Went in the green and wound up to the clearing. Easy.
3-4: Tough choice. Left, right or middle? Chose the middle as I thought that the green wasn't that bad according to the previous days. I was mistaken. In some places, I even had to crawl. Fought to the spur right before the control and continued in the right direction. I was very close to the control but I didn't see it as it was in a small crack between the cliffs. I thought I had gone too far and started running back by the slope. Then I understood that I had been in the right place and went back quickly. Damn! I couldn't afford any mistakes like that.
4-5: Ran slowly downwards while trying to figure out a way to the next control. Left or right were my choices. Took the left one as I had already been there and I didn't know what was on the right. Only after I had already ran up the hill, I saw that I could have also come straight. Control itself was easy.
5-6: Down and then trying to keep the height. Started running to a wrong cliff at first but then corrected my direction.
6-7: From above. Fortunately, the distinctive tree was very clear before the control.
7-8: Down and up. The climbing was really tough.
8-9: Up to the vegetation boundary and past the rootstock. Some difficulties crossing a small canyon before the control. Down to the flag.
9-10: Up by the two stones. Down to the cliff junction where the control was.
10-11: Back to the path. Hadn't decided where to run from to the big road. Decided on the spot to go through the white. Over the road itself, through a corner of the green and down from the gully. From below the cliff into the control.
11-12: Didn't want to back to the road so I ran on the flat area between the cliffs. Then down to the dell and back up again. A lot of people seeking the control nearby. No problems for me.
12-13: Quickly back down again. Was afraid of the green and avoided it. Ran till the clearing came on the left. Since it was supposed to be a passable fence, I wanted to pass it. Quite impossible at first. Then I saw a small opening and entered the area. The whole open area was covered with some thorny plants and they got stuck to my clothes all the time. Fought till I came to the other end. Great! No opening here! I started climbing over the fence, which was quite tricky but after a while I got over it. No mistake with the control but I lost a lot of time.
13-14: Straight down.
14-F: People in the way.


1 Jan Exner          39:37
2 Lauri Sild         39:49 +0:12
3 Marek Pospíšek     41:50 +2:13
4 Jan Klapal         44:36 +4:59 

1 Lauri Sild        182:42
2 Jan Klapal        188:16 +5:34
3 Jan Exner         201:48 +9:06
I was surprised to have finished second since my speed was quite low and I lost a lot of time at places... But now I had a clear lead in front of the second place.

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