27 August 2007

Bohemia day 3

Bohemia 2007, day 3, 17.08

Course: 3,1 km, ~200 m climbing.

Map: Krtonožka, 1:5000, H 5 m.

A very technical and detailed middle - just what I had been waiting for.

S-1: Right past the special feature and down the gully. Hesitated for a moment as if the cliffs seemed to be too low but kept to my plan and I wasn't mistaken.

Decided to go around. Back up from the south-eastern gully, onto the open area. Down the road, into the green. I was afraid that I might lose contact with the map if there's nothing to read but since the cliffs formed a "bottleneck", I kept on moving.
Bearing to the road below, then back up again by the track. Saw the knoll with the cliff and passed it straight into the flag.

Back up the way I came, heading to the higher area. Around the high cliff from the north, into the control.
Ran up by a beaten track, onto the path. At first, I wanted to run through the huge gully but when I saw it, I decided to go around.

To the tip of the clearing. Tough choice. Didn't take the path from above or the one below. Ran right between the cliffs. Down from the narrow clearing on the side of the green area. Up and a small disruption in the flow, that I was having. Didn't understand which cliffs were which and if I could get past between them. The only thing I saw was a long sequence of cliffs. Went around and followed the small path.
From under the huge cliff. Up the long narrow re-entrant. Then right, below the cliff and a brief stop to determine the exact location of the flag. Bueno.

Ran above the smaller cliffs but didn't want to run into a dead-end and turned right at the last moment. Now it was just running straight down. Saw a small entrance on the tip of the spur on the map as well as the terrain. Easy control.
The same way back. A very narrow passage on the map. Fortunately it was passable.

Up from the ridge. Past the huge rock faces, into the control which was visible from a long distance.
Held the height. Almost passed the right entrance.
12-13: Just up to the spur.
No problems.
Straight down, by the track and back up again.
Straight and down from the last re-entrant.
The best.


1 Lauri Sild        26:45
2 Jan Klapal        28:35 +1:50
3 Marek Pospíšek    32:54 +6:09 
1 Lauri Sild        142:53
2 Jan Klapal        143:40 +0:47
3 Ondřej Malý       156:02 +3:09
4 Teddy Lejsek      157:23 +4:30
A very satisfying race. I've still got it! ...I think...

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