8 August 2007

Koprakarikas day 3

Koprakarikas 05.08

Long distance, 8,89 km
Map: 1:15 000, H 2,5m

Since I had finally made a race that was close to "the zone", I felt quite optimistic about coming in on the third or even the second place totally. Winning was out of the question.

S-1: Turned in from the bend of the road and ran upwards. For a second I stopped, as I didn't want to lose contact with the map. Wanted to hit the big clear swamp but as I got closer, it didn't seem to be very clear. But as long as it was the right marsh, it didn't matter.
1-2: By the side of the hill and along the spur, out to the path. Turned in just a little before the end of the road, but still thought that I was on the last spur that went into the marsh. So I went a bit to the left but I found out where I was and took the control. Lost valuable seconds.
2-3: Path and "white" forest indeed.
3-4: Took a bearing and used the big distinctive green as a catching feature. Hit the small marsh just before it.
4-5: Around
5-6: Straight to the first bigger path, by the side of the green areas. When I got on the big road, I still hadn't made up my mind about which way to take. I saw that there were some runners in my class that were running by the side of the clearing but I didn't like that choice. Decided to take the right way around. Bare running and then by the edge of the marsh. Over the spur and then followed the height. Fastest was to run straight.
6-7: Took it slow. To the road.
7-8: I figured that the big field might not be so easily crossable. They usually aren't. So took a bearing to the end of the small path and wanted to run totally around the field and the green. But just like that, the path disappeared and I had to go straight on. Hit exactly the tip of the road and from there on it was no problem.
8-9: Followed the narrow ride. Ran up a bit to the left but got it quite well.
9-10: Climbed up slowly by the side of the slope and after crossing the road for a moment it was so difficult to ascend that I walked a few steps.
10-11: Used the same tactic as the day before - the place was familiar. Though I ran a bit differently in the green part. When I got on the road, I was pleasantly surprised by an unmapped refreshment point. It was exactly on my route, so I considered this as a bonus and took a drink. Carefully went to the control.
11-12: Over the knolls, around the marsh and tried to see the clear swamp ahead. Saw something like it and ran towards it. Aarrgh, it was the left one. Again lost some time.
12-13: Since the yesterday's course went the same way, I used that to my advantage. First ran to the depression that had been a control the day before. And then max speed to the small depression that was the next control of the previous day. Continued till the edge of the clearing. Slowed down and started looking for the control too early. Finally got it. Too much time lost here.
13-14: To the road and into the depression. Followed the small track as far as I could.

14-15: Along the ditch, onto the spur before the control. Instead, I landed on the right hand spur. Some confusion, and over the right spur. Was surprised by the depression as first I thought the stone was on a small knoll.
15-16: One confusion right after another. Past the hill. Very unconfident of my location when crossing the marshes. After the last marsh, continued in a random direction, to get somewhere. But eventually I realized where I was and headed for the control.
16-17: Difficult to go in the direction that I needed to. Followed some beaten tracks that lead to the clearing on the right. Some seconds more lost right before the control.
17-18: To the path as fast as I could. Easy.
18-19: Narrow ride, road, re-entrant. What's so difficult?
19-20: Bearing to the road. No cutting through the green there! Missed the road by a few meters. Turned in from the corner of the clearing.
20-21: Run!
21-22: Why run straight onto the clearing when you can also run a bit longer and through the thickest hedge you've ever seen? Well, that's what I did. That cost me about 15 seconds.
22-25: I was in the "zone".
25-F: Pressed out the whole maximum strength. Wanted to win everybody in the finish. Unlucky. As there were two stations in the finish, one didn't have the correct time of day programmed into it. So my finish time was about 8-10 seconds more than it really was.

1. Lauri Sild                   00:58.09
2. Kristo Heinmann                00:59.37  +1:28
3. Priit Randman                  01:03.10  +5:01
4. Andris Kivlenieks              01:05.02  +6:57
  1. Kristo Heinmann              02:23.43
2. Lauri Sild                     02:31.14  +7:31
3. Priit Randman                  02:33.16  +9:32
4. Andris Kivlenieks              02:36.20  +12:36

Still not a satisfying race made. But the last loop of the course showed some potential. What a place in total after a disastrous first day. That means only one thing - not many good runners here.

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