12 August 2007

Estonian Championship, Night

EMV night 11.08

Course: 7,39 km.
Map: Mooste, 1:10 000, H 2,5 m.

Fortunately my foot somehow didn't hurt anymore. Maybe the sprint did some good to it?

S-1: Followed the ditch to the road. Didn't want to run straight through the forest as it would be hard to position myself on the big road afterwards. When I came to the road, I followed it till I felt that it was far enough. Crossed the first track and got to the second. A bit bingo-orienteering, huh? Looked around and saw the reflector.
1-2: Crossed the ditch and followed it for a while. Then took a bearing to the road. I even managed to run on the short narrow ride. Just running along the road until I turned off it from the edge of the green area.
2-3: Straight down. At first impression, the object seemed to be a big depression on the map (the hole looked like a slope indicator). It can't be a depression, or can it!? Checked the control description and it was clear that is was a knoll.
3-4: By the edge of the slope and to the re-entrant before the control. A quick look on the map - the next re-entrant!
4-5: By the edge of the green, across the marsh and up the hill. Got on the narrow ride and checked the compass, just in case. Didn't cut the corner off the paths - took a confident choice. Turned in the forest right before the re-entrant that came onto the road. Followed the height and ran around the shallow knoll, which was not so distinctive.
5-6: Straight. Used the big clearing as a safety net.
6-7: Saw two choices. From the left and from the right. Took the right hand one. To the path on the clearing and straight on to the long narrow ride. Quite a high speed. Ran completely out to the road. Straight in from the crossing.
7-8: Mistake of the night. The plan was to run across the small marsh and down the wide re-entrant. Set to straight away. Across the marsh and started looking for the re-entrant which I was to run by. When I came to the marsh, I didn't know where exactly I was and just stood there, trying to figure it out. Once I realized my location, I headed straight to the flag but didn't hit it. Then I ran on, to place myself on the big knoll. Didn't quite find the high spot, so I continued scanning the grounds. Came out on another control, which was in a big depression. Knew where I was and again headed for the control. Misfortune - I passed it again! Turned around and went back. Finally saw the control when I was a few meters from it. Darn!
8-9: Some random direction to the road. Down the hill by the path and waited for the swamp to begin. Saw something ahead while the road was disappearing too, so I turned left. Once being on top of the wide spur, I understood where I really was and took off quickly.
9-10: By the ditch, up the hill and the reflector could be seen from far away.
10-11: To the clearing, past the hill and over the small knoll.
11-12: Bearing. Almost passed it but I saw the hill and ran over it.
12-13: Misfortune returns. Took a bearing to the road and when finally reaching it, I didn't exactly know my position, as the highest area of the shallow hill was so wide. So I decided to go on whatever happens. If I'd pass it, I'd locate myself in the marsh below. And that's what I did.
13-14: Run.
14-15: Straight down. Fought through the really dark green (quite impassable) out to the path. Ran all the way to the end of it and then up.
15-16: Some hard time running out of the forest to the quarry. Through it and ran along the long spur to the control.
16-17: My feet felt quite good, so I ran quite fast.
17-F: Even faster.

1. Kristo Heinmann   45.00
2. Priit Randman     49.30    +4.30
3. Lauri Sild        50.57    +5.57
4. Kaspar Kork       51.52    +6.52
5. Erki Pellja       56.44    +11.44
The loss to the winner was immense. But when taking away the mistakes, the time would have been about the same. But of course, he made mistakes also. So he really is in good shape.


  1. Hey!!1!
    I have heard from somewhere, that you did orienteering even before this O-ringen. could you tell something about these times also?

  2. What do you mean? I have done orienteering for an uncountable number of years... Is there anything particular you would like to know?

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  4. Well, I have heard some people in Kapa-Kohila talk about impressive EYOC-s and wednesdays' o-meets. But I think I meant Jukola

  5. I an write something about Jukola after the Nuorten Jukola this saturday.