3 December 2012

Full Metal Jacket

That WOC post never came, did it? I've been digesting that story ever since and looks like it's going to have to wait for better times. Sorry to those who were truly waiting for that reading.

Anyway, since October I've been in active military service in Tallinn. Fortunately my service is short and I don't have to compromise my sports career that much. I'm in the so called sports squad and should have the privilege to get out for trainings and camps. I'll be back on the saddle by Christmas, when I should be getting out of the battalion permanently. Until then, I'll be putting up with cold snowy forests, straight formations and Galil maintainance.
Right now, my remaining overall shape does not leave me much to boast about. For a month or so, I didn't have the chance to do any trainings whatsoever. Only (very) early morning jogs was my best friend. During the last weeks, things have been looking up a bit. I've had some chances to do some trainings during workday evenings and even better, get out on the weekend. Wish I could say that I can train full-load on these occasions, but I can't. Big part of training is recovery and resting from busy days, the training load and other stress. Here, in the army, I can't speak of complete recovery. If I'd train every chance I got, I would not recover in these conditions and the result would be overtraining. And when I get out, I plan to start training, not recovering from all of this.
That was in sports perspective. Military-wise, it's sometimes quite interesting and somewhat educational in here. Not to mention the great company and new friends. Often though, it's tiresome and boring. Injustice is not a rare phenomen here. But I've enjoyed some of the military training here and I've also come to appreciate some of the little things in life. I've also had time to think some things over and not worry about other things. Certainly this is a time I'll never forget.

Pvt Sild

P.S. I have to mention my awesome PWT trip to China with awesome people and awesome orienteering. The sprint in Wansheng was indisputably the most fun, interesting and tricky sprint in my life. A real Chinese slum area! Check out the maps on the maps page. Over and out.