12 August 2007

Estonian Championship, Sprint

EMV sprint 11.08

Course: 2,45 km
Map: Mooste alev, 1:4000, H 2,5 m

When warming up, I didn't fee so good in the feet. Four days ago I had a training that included about 50-meters maximum running cuts. But on about the 7th cut I strained a muscle right below by right buttock. It didn't feel so good. As for that, I was running with a small limp as it still hurt, especially when running at max speed.

S-1: Quick reading. Nothing to it - just run.
1-2: Ran out in a presumable direction, then corrected my heading. To the big road crossing and from there the small building could already be seen.
2-3: No choice.
3-4: The leg was easy but it didn't go so smooth in the control itself. There were two stations right next to each other. I took one of them and held my SI card in it long enough but nothing happened. As I had already started running to the next control for about two meters, I had to stop and go back. Punched in the other station now - no problems occurred.
4-5: Around the building from the left and then a small choice which I chose on the spot. Decided to go by the stairs.
5-6: Past the grove, onto the road. Straight.
6-9: Didn't see much choice.
9-10: Which way around? From the left.
10-11: Around the house and straight on, to the big road. Didn't want to run around as the marshy area didn't seem so bad. Lucky for me, it wasn't. But when coming out onto the clearing, a bit of confusion struck. The border of the clearing didn't go as I saw it. And I didn't know which way to go. But I decided to go where I wanted to go in the first place - to the control.
11-12: Straight to the passage.
12-13: The first serious choice on this course, I think. First I wanted to run from below but then I saw that there was a passage in the wall and went from above.
13-14: Went back the way I came. I didn't see the small path going through the flowerbed on the map but I saw it on the terrain. Since I didn't see it on the map, I ran around (just in case, not to get disqualified).
14-15: Just run.
15-16: Started running towards the control and saw a flag ahead which I thought was mine. But Then I saw another flag on my left and quickly checked the map. Dammit, this one is mine! About a second or two of loss.
16-17: From the left.
Tried to push myself to the limit, but my feet hurt sooo bad. Still had a good finish though.


1. Kristo Heinmann   10.26     
2. Lauri Sild        10.33    +0.07
3. Tiit Toomas       10.52    +0.26 
4. Kaspar Kork       11.14    +0.48     
The results between me and Kristo turned out to be as I had expected actually. I lost him about a second or two with almost every control. The loss I gained with my running speed. He is in a rush at the moment and doing really good. But I hope to give him a great battle in the long distance.

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  1. 6.-9. oli väga igav rajaosa tõepoolest, samad rajavalikud.