6 August 2007

O-Ringen etapp 5

O-Ringen etapp 5 - Norrköpingsetappen

S-1: Had an aggressive start, that would also explain the idiotic mistake to the first one. I'm not going to describe this flaw, as it is undescribable. I don't know what I did there even myself. But I had already caught at least one or two competitors who had started about a minute before me.
1-2: Just headed for the field and then ran parallel to it. Went a bit too much to the left as I didn't see that the stone was in a depression, not on a knoll as I thought.
2-3: The two other runners who I was practically together with, ran straight but I decided to run on the field. Even the choice of running from the left path popped into my head for a second but I wanted to run straight from the field. Closing in on the edge, I saw that the both sides of the road were rather bushy and hard to pass. Fought my way through the vegetation and ended up on the righthand path. From there I could see the two other guys about 80 meters ahead - I hadn't made a good choice. From there I just headed to the big clearing and came out a bit too much to the left of the control but I comprehended the situation quickly and punched the control.
3-4: Some tough contour reading till the "green" edge and then the control. Didn't see anybody on the way.
4-5: Here I wasn't concentrated on the map enough. When I was getting close to the narrow clearing, I knew I was too much to the left, but still didn't know which way the control was. Followed some small depressions and even saw two other flags but I was sure that they weren't mine. Ended up in my control eventually.
5-7: Easy
7-8: This was also supposed to be easy too but turned out to be the most difficult for me. Started by heading parallel to the field as well as the small path on the left. When I got to the earth bank, I went to the path and followed it till the end. I don't really know why I was so confused when I got to the edge of the field. I just stood there looking at the map and the terrain, trying to make sense out of the situation. After some time I just took a bearing towards the control and fought my way through the dense forest.
8-9: Wanted to run straight but the thick spruces convinced me to go around them. Turned in from the road, over the high area and to the control.
9-10: Took the road and ran up the hill to the marsh. Ran past another control on a small knoll. Headed for the second marsh and took the control nice- and firmly. In the control I met two runners from my class who were not the same ones that were before.
10-11: Ran to the path and followed it for some time. I decided to run from the right but the other guys went from the left. Ran just by bearing and also tried to keep in touch with the map. When I got to a crossing just before the forbidden area, I thought I was more to the right. Ran down from the hill and saw the markings of the forbidden area. Crap! I was obviously in a hurry and wasn't reading the map. Quickly ran up again and followed the path to the end. The field was hard to run on and in the mean time I saw many other competitors who might have been in my class too. Ran down to the road and through the swamp. When exiting the green area, I tripped and fell to the ground. I hit my right thigh heavily to a small log. Tried to get up quickly but it was difficult. Some runners passed me and the guys who I had been together with in the previous control and chose to run this leg from the left, punched the control right before me.
11-12: I wasn't injured, but my foot hurt so bad that I couldn't keep up with the fellow competitors. But I wasn't just to give up. I followed them and then I realized they were making a mistake by running too far. I turned round rapidly and punched ahead of them.
12-13: -
13-14: Ran in some fresh track till the hill and punched ahead again.
14-15: Ran as fast as I could at that moment. Headed for the clear area on the hill and turned right right after descending from the hill. The flag seemed to be in a bit of a strange distance. Now I was behind my opponents.
15-16: Ran some paths to the railroad and tried not to stay too far behind. Some real pain in the foot there. I even passed one of my rivals on the field. Now everybody was in a hurry and wasn't reading the map. I figured we had passed the control so I went back quickly. Again I punched first in the group, at least I think I did.
16-17: Didn't want to run directly to the control as the vegetation wasn't the prettiest as I had seen. Ran on the clearing and right after I turned into the forest, I ripped a large hole in my pants. Took the control without any problems. Was still ahead.
17-18: Ran to the path and stopped to check where I was. Right at that moment two runners in my class passed me. I tried to keep up with them but there was too much pain in my foot.
18-F: Tough.

1. Johan Runesson 42:07
37. Lauri Sild 46:41 +4:34
1. Erik Johansson 197:55
15. Lauri Sild 208:30 +10:35

I really liked the technical part in the beginning but I disliked the end where it was just flat, bushy and muddy. Fortunately nothing bad happened with the foot. I just couldn't walk very well for some days and that was it. Everything back to normal again. I really hope next year will be better for me.


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