3 August 2007

O-Ringen etapp 2

O- Ringen etapp 2 - Mjölbyetappen

S-1: Chose a high speed in the beginning but then slowed down in the wide re-entrant on the left. Then smoothly turned to the stone.
1-2: Past the two bigger knolls. Tried to catch the long and narrow clear area, but didn't succeed (I think it was equally clear in that area). But then I saw the knoll.
2-3: Past the houses, straight to the last bigger road. Turned in in the clear area and followed the hight till the stones. Through the green and there on the knoll should be the control. I started looking for it on the edge of the green area. Maybe I am too much to the right? Ran further, then came back and found the control. A really stupid mistake! I couldn't really afford any big mistakes after the unsuccessful first day.
3-4: Turned in from the corner. Stumbled between the knolls and lost a few seconds.
4-5: Out to the clearing. Wanted to run over the small hill before the flag but inclined too much to the right so I had to run below the cliffs instead.
5-6: Followed the hight. On the left side, on the terrain were very detailed contours which had me confused for a sec there. But kept my direction and then turned left to the higher area. And there it was.
6-7: To the marsh, around it and finally over the hill.
7-8: My plan was to take a bearing to the big clearing and then eventually to the road but I ran really off course. When I got to the higher area before seeing my 5th control again, I understood where I was. Just full speed ahead! Finding the control itself turned out to be a really difficult thing to do. I was looking for the knoll, but in the control area I couldn't distinguish between some boulders and knolls. When I finally found the control I was really disappointed since it should have been taken easily.
8-9: Straight through the green to the higher area. Went in from the left so I had to run around the knoll to take the checkpoint.
9-10: To the road, then along it just to pass the stream.
10-11: Straight down. Past the cliff and then up. Got to the first marsh and thought that was the one. Looked around for some time and then realized where I actually was.
11-12: Took a bearing to the road. Went in straight from the crossing. Along the side of the slope, between the two knolls and up from the other side. After that I couldn't reconcile the map and the terrain. Found myself in a control between two knolls near the path. Didn't take any chances and ran down the path. Turned in too early and leaned too much on the left. After finally locating myself again, took the control. This was the worst mistake of the two first days! I can't keep up like this!
12-13: Straight and full speed.
13-14: Wanted to catch the edge of the forbidden area, but again I leaned too much to the left. The vegetation was terrible so the speed was very low too. When finally got to the area of the control, stopped for a sec to assure my direction.
14-15: Straight on and by the edge of the clearing. Past the marsh, supposedly running in the correct direction I hit the knoll with two stones. Understood where I was quite quickly and went to the control.
15-F: Roads and paths.

After two days I was really unsatisfied with my results. It felt like there was something wrong with my map reading. There were times where I understood everything perfectly and then there were lots of other situations where I was completely lost. I haven't been so lost for a very long time. Let's just hope that this is temporary.

1. Matthias Kyburz 44:42
18. Lauri Sild 49:51 +5:09
1. Jonas Leandersson 85:36
11. Lauri Sild 90:43 +5:07

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