28 August 2007

Weekend in Finland

I went to Finland last weekend with my clubmates to take part in the Youth Jukola and the individual competition on the next day.

Nuorten Jukola
, 25.08.
Course: 6,37 km. 
Lap 1
My goal wasn't a super run as we were not on a very high position but I wasn't going to just jog either. While my speed was quite low due to the pain in my chest almost all the way from the 7th control till the end, I made only one significant mistake (8th control).

Lap 2
As for the results, our Total place was 39. The first leg came in 65th and all the other legs but one finished in a higher position. I ran the last leg and started on the 50th place. I had the 10th leg time and came in 39th. My splits.
I guess we can be pleased by that place as we haven't been that good for a very long time.

Rastipiikkiö, 26.08.

The competition turned out to be quite fun, despite my reckless run.
The beginning seemed auspicious, until I came to the 3rd control. I started looking for it too early as there were cliff-like formations there also.
The area before the 6th was very weird and I lost some time there.
You can also see the brilliant routechoice to the 11th.
The second big mistake was the 12th. Ran to the southern marsh.

  1.   Lauri Sild        49.44             
2.   Mikko Siren       50.20        +36
3.   Petr Zaslonkin    52.52      +3.08

But still, I won. Surprisingly mild opponents. I thought that I came about 5th, when I finished.

Bohemia day 5

Bohemia 2007, day 5, 19.08

Course: 5,1 km, ~330 m climbing.
Železná brána, 1:7500, H 5m.

Before the start I felt relaxed and confident. I knew that nothing could stop me.

S-1: Took it slow and firm.
1-2: Straight up, around the cliffs, heading to the clearings. When reaching the path in the gully I looked at my watch and saw that the second place just started. A tricky control. Tried to hold the height and navigate by the bigger cliffs. Mixed up the lower cliffs with the upper ones and got confused. Landed in some other control and tried to figure out my position. Finally got it and ran to my control. About 30 seconds of loss.
2-3: Quite easy. Right up and through the small crack.
3-4: Almost straight to the clearing heading to the control itself. Didn't quite get the location of the control at first. But when I got it, it was back to mountaineering. Tough climbing between the narrow openings.
4-5: Back down from the crack and up from the opposite side. 90 degree turn to the left, to avoid the huge cliffs. Jumped over a lot of deep cracks on the way. Now that felt like parkour. The control itself was a little tricky. The small knolls In the green and yellow were tough to separate but I managed and didn't lose any time.
5-6: Straight to the road by the narrow clear area. Avoided as much green as possible. Some seconds in the control area.
6-7: Down and held the height till I came to the right spot and went down to punch.
7-8: The plan was unclear. Just held the height and tried to figure out a plan. Made up my mind and decided to go from above.
8-9: No problems.
9-10: Straight. No need to drink.
10-11: I was afraid that the control would be hard to find as the object wasn't so distinctive. But no problems occurred.
11-12: At first I didn't even see the 12th control and wanted to run directly to the 13th. Got on the road and only then noticed the
control. Didn't know where I went in exactly but I thought that I went up almost directly to the control. There was a flag but it wasn't mine. So I wandered around for some time before understanding where I was.
12-13: To the southern road. By the edges of the green areas. Down around the cliff.
13-14: Up and by the side of the hill. Some seconds lost near the control again.
14-15: Right around the gully and followed the road for a while. a bit after the fenced open area, I turned in and crossed my route to the first. I saw the 8th place in our class running to the first. Down the gully, into the control.
15-16: Very tough climbing. Maybe the last serious ascend this competition. To the road and to the north-western tip of the hill. First wanted to run around the green but couldn't really do that. It was awful but I managed to see a wild boar running like a torpedo. If only I could run that fast.
16-17: Between the cliffs. I was afraid of the control as it seemed a bit bingo. But fortunately the green was distinctive and found the flag without difficulties.
17-18: Down the road and over the big spur.
18-F: At last!


1 Malý Ondřej          49:12
2 Procházka Pavel      51:39 +2:27
3 Sild Lauri           51:48 +2:36 

1 Sild Lauri        234:30
2 Klapal Jan        246:34 +12:04
3 Malý Ondřej       252:45 +18:15
I was sure that the second place would get closer to me but to my surprise I doubled the lead! This competiton was really fun! I hope to run there again some time.

27 August 2007

Bohemia day 4

Bohemia 2007, day 4, 18.08.

Course: 4,48 km, ~275 m climbing.
Map: Habrůvka, 1:7500, H 5m.

As I had taken the lead in total now, I tried to continue running as good as I had the other days.

S-1: Wasn't afraid of the green so I went straight through it. Climbing was difficult but I managed. Easy.
1-2: Up to the road and down the narrow re-entrant, sided by cliffs.
2-3: Up the gully, onto the path. Followed it for a while and went straight on to the next path. Tried to use the narrow clearing but didn't hit it at once. Went in the green and wound up to the clearing. Easy.
3-4: Tough choice. Left, right or middle? Chose the middle as I thought that the green wasn't that bad according to the previous days. I was mistaken. In some places, I even had to crawl. Fought to the spur right before the control and continued in the right direction. I was very close to the control but I didn't see it as it was in a small crack between the cliffs. I thought I had gone too far and started running back by the slope. Then I understood that I had been in the right place and went back quickly. Damn! I couldn't afford any mistakes like that.
4-5: Ran slowly downwards while trying to figure out a way to the next control. Left or right were my choices. Took the left one as I had already been there and I didn't know what was on the right. Only after I had already ran up the hill, I saw that I could have also come straight. Control itself was easy.
5-6: Down and then trying to keep the height. Started running to a wrong cliff at first but then corrected my direction.
6-7: From above. Fortunately, the distinctive tree was very clear before the control.
7-8: Down and up. The climbing was really tough.
8-9: Up to the vegetation boundary and past the rootstock. Some difficulties crossing a small canyon before the control. Down to the flag.
9-10: Up by the two stones. Down to the cliff junction where the control was.
10-11: Back to the path. Hadn't decided where to run from to the big road. Decided on the spot to go through the white. Over the road itself, through a corner of the green and down from the gully. From below the cliff into the control.
11-12: Didn't want to back to the road so I ran on the flat area between the cliffs. Then down to the dell and back up again. A lot of people seeking the control nearby. No problems for me.
12-13: Quickly back down again. Was afraid of the green and avoided it. Ran till the clearing came on the left. Since it was supposed to be a passable fence, I wanted to pass it. Quite impossible at first. Then I saw a small opening and entered the area. The whole open area was covered with some thorny plants and they got stuck to my clothes all the time. Fought till I came to the other end. Great! No opening here! I started climbing over the fence, which was quite tricky but after a while I got over it. No mistake with the control but I lost a lot of time.
13-14: Straight down.
14-F: People in the way.


1 Jan Exner          39:37
2 Lauri Sild         39:49 +0:12
3 Marek Pospíšek     41:50 +2:13
4 Jan Klapal         44:36 +4:59 

1 Lauri Sild        182:42
2 Jan Klapal        188:16 +5:34
3 Jan Exner         201:48 +9:06
I was surprised to have finished second since my speed was quite low and I lost a lot of time at places... But now I had a clear lead in front of the second place.

Bohemia day 3

Bohemia 2007, day 3, 17.08

Course: 3,1 km, ~200 m climbing.

Map: Krtonožka, 1:5000, H 5 m.

A very technical and detailed middle - just what I had been waiting for.

S-1: Right past the special feature and down the gully. Hesitated for a moment as if the cliffs seemed to be too low but kept to my plan and I wasn't mistaken.

Decided to go around. Back up from the south-eastern gully, onto the open area. Down the road, into the green. I was afraid that I might lose contact with the map if there's nothing to read but since the cliffs formed a "bottleneck", I kept on moving.
Bearing to the road below, then back up again by the track. Saw the knoll with the cliff and passed it straight into the flag.

Back up the way I came, heading to the higher area. Around the high cliff from the north, into the control.
Ran up by a beaten track, onto the path. At first, I wanted to run through the huge gully but when I saw it, I decided to go around.

To the tip of the clearing. Tough choice. Didn't take the path from above or the one below. Ran right between the cliffs. Down from the narrow clearing on the side of the green area. Up and a small disruption in the flow, that I was having. Didn't understand which cliffs were which and if I could get past between them. The only thing I saw was a long sequence of cliffs. Went around and followed the small path.
From under the huge cliff. Up the long narrow re-entrant. Then right, below the cliff and a brief stop to determine the exact location of the flag. Bueno.

Ran above the smaller cliffs but didn't want to run into a dead-end and turned right at the last moment. Now it was just running straight down. Saw a small entrance on the tip of the spur on the map as well as the terrain. Easy control.
The same way back. A very narrow passage on the map. Fortunately it was passable.

Up from the ridge. Past the huge rock faces, into the control which was visible from a long distance.
Held the height. Almost passed the right entrance.
12-13: Just up to the spur.
No problems.
Straight down, by the track and back up again.
Straight and down from the last re-entrant.
The best.


1 Lauri Sild        26:45
2 Jan Klapal        28:35 +1:50
3 Marek Pospíšek    32:54 +6:09 
1 Lauri Sild        142:53
2 Jan Klapal        143:40 +0:47
3 Ondřej Malý       156:02 +3:09
4 Teddy Lejsek      157:23 +4:30
A very satisfying race. I've still got it! ...I think...

22 August 2007

Bohemia day 2

Bohemia 2007, day 2, 16.08

Course: 5,2 km, ~320 m climbing.
Map: Upíří hrad, 1:7500, H 5 m.

Directly down from the big gully on the left. Up from the cliffs.

1-2: Looked for a possibility to run around but saw none. Right back down again, over the clearing and up the re-entrant. Up and down. Over the last open area and the control was taken easily.
Saw three choices in the beginning of this leg. From the right, middle or the left? Chose the middle one. By the path and down from the slope. Ran up right before the green area started on the left.

Saw only one optimal choice. Down to the road, across the open area. Then right back up again, which was brutal. When finally up, followed the edges of the hill until I went down again and passed the small swamp, which was very clear. Going up again, I almost ran into a dead-end. The slope between two cliffs was too steep, so I was in trouble. But fortunately managed to climb up in the end. Seemed easy - I was certain of my location all the way, until I got really close to the control, I ran up the wrong re-entrant. To the stone where supposedly the cave had to be. What? Immediately realized where I was. Quickly to the correct boulder.

Back the way I came. Between the upper and the lower cliffs. Some hesitation before the control but no mistake.

Holding the height, ran through the green areas and down the hill from the side of the dark green. Followed the path until it split. Up. Got in the middle of the cliffs and was confused a bit. Couldn't make up anything from the map. Some seeking in the area but no progress. Decided to run up and come in from another direction. On the way, I stumbled upon the control.

6-7: Down and up again. Easy.
Painful running down the hill. Just roads to the control. The last hill was hard to take, so I walked in the end.

8-9: Continued climbing. Around the big gully, No problems with the control.
9-10: Didn't want to go straight, so I went west and climbed up to the road. Tough running til the refreshment point in the re-entrant. Didn't drink, just went down to the control.
10-11: Back up again. Now I drank. Down the big spur. Down to the control. By the way, the control was in a quite a narrow crack between the cliffs. About the width of a control flag.
11-12: Zig-zagged through and over the gullies and the spurs. Got to the last hill and looked for a way up. Saw the first corridor up - not possible to run up. Saw the second - seemed OK. Went up but unfortunately there was a stone right in the way. Couldn't get over it. Damn! Back down again. Continued to look for an entrance. In the end, I saw a very narrow crack again. Climbed through it. I felt like an alpinist. Control was easy.
12-13: Down the way I came. Again some rough climbing. Saw that it wasn't possible to go straight, so I ran around. Down the road and up right before the clearing on the left. Easy.
13-14: Fast. The control object was an entrance to a cellar.
Best time.


    1 Jan Klapal        59:09   
2 Lauri Sild        59:20     +0:11
3 Teddy Lejsek      61:00     +1:51
    1 Jan Klapal        115:05
2 Lauri Sild        116:08    +1:03
3 Ondøej Malý       118:11    +3:06
4 Teddy Lejsek      124:05    +9:00
Disappointed in my race. How could I have lost only 11 seconds with this kind of a run? Everyone must have made mistakes.

21 August 2007

Bohemia day 1

Bohemia 2007, day 1, 15.08.

Course: 5,4 km, ~325 m climbing.
Map: Uhlířská věž, 1:7500, H 5 m.
This was my first experience on this kind of terrain. I was afraid that the routechoices would be really tough and that I would be defeated by the steep hills, which I'm not really used to.
S-1: The plan was just to run straight. Over the clearing, onto the steep hillside. It was pretty darn difficult getting from above to below - the soil was quite loose and running down fast from such a steep incline didn't seem like a very good idea. Ran up from the junction of the big gullys, around the big cliffs. No difficulties with the control.
1-2: Straight down, to the small path on the other side. Followed the track and then the distinctive boundary for a while.
2-3: Slowly and carefully in the beginning. Got exactly to the right place and ran directly to the flag.
3-4: No straight running here! Some fast running on the slope of the hill, finally reaching the bottom. Powerwalking up the re-entrant just before the clearing. Just running from there on.
4-5: Some running on the slope again, past the cliffs, then up and onto the path. Straight to the open area.
5-6: Down and up. Ran to the bend of the hillside and went down. Was in the control and checked the code – didn't match! What the heck!? This must be mine! After walking away from the control a few meters, I checked the code again and this time it was a match! Dammit, why did I look at the wrong code in the first place?
6-7: Around the big gullies. Didn't see the control flag at first, but after a second I did.
7-8: Started quite slow, as I couldn't choose a route at first. When coming out on the open area, I had decided to avoid as much climbing as possible and run from above. Used the open areas at first, then zig-zag over and through the spurs and gullies. In the end, followed a track and kept my distance from the cliffs.
8-9: Another tough choice for me. Now I was just standing in the control, selecting a way to the next one. About 10-15 seconds passed and I decided to go down from the south and run up the opposite gully (not the best choice). When trying to run up, I almost barged into a deer calf that looked exactly like “Bamby” and who was really terrified. It was running downhill at full speed and passed my with about two meters. Back to business. After recovering from the climbing it was just path running.
9-10: Not really possible to run straight down without seriously injuring myself. Up from the side of the big spur. Easy control.
10-11: Followed the side of the green until I came to a definite cliff, from where I went down. Fighting with the vegetation. Couldn't tell the difference between the path and the narrow clearing, so I ran all the way up from the left hand gully, till I came on the clearing. No difficulties with the control.
11-12: On to the road. Ran to the place where I had been before and turned in from there. Some contours and then the control.
12-13: Here I didn't notice that I had the 13th control. I was planning running directly to the 14th, since the legs were on the same line. I saw two choices – running down right away or following the hillside for a while and then descend. Chose the second one. First I wanted to run down from the gully which I had come up before. But big gully before that looked fine, so I went down from there. When reaching the bottom, only then I noticed that there was another control. Angrily walked up again and punched. This was fatal on that day.
13-14: Down again. Run. Wanted to go straight up from the clearing, but changed my mind when seeing that the forest before it was OK. Easy.
14-15: Some beaten track.
15-F: People in the way.
    1 Jan Klapal         55:56      +0:00
2 Ondøej Malý        56:34      +0:38
3 Lauri Sild         56:48      +0:52
4 Jiøí Petr          61:56      +6:00

I was quite satisfied with my race. Except for the control that I almost missed.

12 August 2007

Estonian Championship, Night

EMV night 11.08

Course: 7,39 km.
Map: Mooste, 1:10 000, H 2,5 m.

Fortunately my foot somehow didn't hurt anymore. Maybe the sprint did some good to it?

S-1: Followed the ditch to the road. Didn't want to run straight through the forest as it would be hard to position myself on the big road afterwards. When I came to the road, I followed it till I felt that it was far enough. Crossed the first track and got to the second. A bit bingo-orienteering, huh? Looked around and saw the reflector.
1-2: Crossed the ditch and followed it for a while. Then took a bearing to the road. I even managed to run on the short narrow ride. Just running along the road until I turned off it from the edge of the green area.
2-3: Straight down. At first impression, the object seemed to be a big depression on the map (the hole looked like a slope indicator). It can't be a depression, or can it!? Checked the control description and it was clear that is was a knoll.
3-4: By the edge of the slope and to the re-entrant before the control. A quick look on the map - the next re-entrant!
4-5: By the edge of the green, across the marsh and up the hill. Got on the narrow ride and checked the compass, just in case. Didn't cut the corner off the paths - took a confident choice. Turned in the forest right before the re-entrant that came onto the road. Followed the height and ran around the shallow knoll, which was not so distinctive.
5-6: Straight. Used the big clearing as a safety net.
6-7: Saw two choices. From the left and from the right. Took the right hand one. To the path on the clearing and straight on to the long narrow ride. Quite a high speed. Ran completely out to the road. Straight in from the crossing.
7-8: Mistake of the night. The plan was to run across the small marsh and down the wide re-entrant. Set to straight away. Across the marsh and started looking for the re-entrant which I was to run by. When I came to the marsh, I didn't know where exactly I was and just stood there, trying to figure it out. Once I realized my location, I headed straight to the flag but didn't hit it. Then I ran on, to place myself on the big knoll. Didn't quite find the high spot, so I continued scanning the grounds. Came out on another control, which was in a big depression. Knew where I was and again headed for the control. Misfortune - I passed it again! Turned around and went back. Finally saw the control when I was a few meters from it. Darn!
8-9: Some random direction to the road. Down the hill by the path and waited for the swamp to begin. Saw something ahead while the road was disappearing too, so I turned left. Once being on top of the wide spur, I understood where I really was and took off quickly.
9-10: By the ditch, up the hill and the reflector could be seen from far away.
10-11: To the clearing, past the hill and over the small knoll.
11-12: Bearing. Almost passed it but I saw the hill and ran over it.
12-13: Misfortune returns. Took a bearing to the road and when finally reaching it, I didn't exactly know my position, as the highest area of the shallow hill was so wide. So I decided to go on whatever happens. If I'd pass it, I'd locate myself in the marsh below. And that's what I did.
13-14: Run.
14-15: Straight down. Fought through the really dark green (quite impassable) out to the path. Ran all the way to the end of it and then up.
15-16: Some hard time running out of the forest to the quarry. Through it and ran along the long spur to the control.
16-17: My feet felt quite good, so I ran quite fast.
17-F: Even faster.

1. Kristo Heinmann   45.00
2. Priit Randman     49.30    +4.30
3. Lauri Sild        50.57    +5.57
4. Kaspar Kork       51.52    +6.52
5. Erki Pellja       56.44    +11.44
The loss to the winner was immense. But when taking away the mistakes, the time would have been about the same. But of course, he made mistakes also. So he really is in good shape.

Estonian Championship, Sprint

EMV sprint 11.08

Course: 2,45 km
Map: Mooste alev, 1:4000, H 2,5 m

When warming up, I didn't fee so good in the feet. Four days ago I had a training that included about 50-meters maximum running cuts. But on about the 7th cut I strained a muscle right below by right buttock. It didn't feel so good. As for that, I was running with a small limp as it still hurt, especially when running at max speed.

S-1: Quick reading. Nothing to it - just run.
1-2: Ran out in a presumable direction, then corrected my heading. To the big road crossing and from there the small building could already be seen.
2-3: No choice.
3-4: The leg was easy but it didn't go so smooth in the control itself. There were two stations right next to each other. I took one of them and held my SI card in it long enough but nothing happened. As I had already started running to the next control for about two meters, I had to stop and go back. Punched in the other station now - no problems occurred.
4-5: Around the building from the left and then a small choice which I chose on the spot. Decided to go by the stairs.
5-6: Past the grove, onto the road. Straight.
6-9: Didn't see much choice.
9-10: Which way around? From the left.
10-11: Around the house and straight on, to the big road. Didn't want to run around as the marshy area didn't seem so bad. Lucky for me, it wasn't. But when coming out onto the clearing, a bit of confusion struck. The border of the clearing didn't go as I saw it. And I didn't know which way to go. But I decided to go where I wanted to go in the first place - to the control.
11-12: Straight to the passage.
12-13: The first serious choice on this course, I think. First I wanted to run from below but then I saw that there was a passage in the wall and went from above.
13-14: Went back the way I came. I didn't see the small path going through the flowerbed on the map but I saw it on the terrain. Since I didn't see it on the map, I ran around (just in case, not to get disqualified).
14-15: Just run.
15-16: Started running towards the control and saw a flag ahead which I thought was mine. But Then I saw another flag on my left and quickly checked the map. Dammit, this one is mine! About a second or two of loss.
16-17: From the left.
Tried to push myself to the limit, but my feet hurt sooo bad. Still had a good finish though.


1. Kristo Heinmann   10.26     
2. Lauri Sild        10.33    +0.07
3. Tiit Toomas       10.52    +0.26 
4. Kaspar Kork       11.14    +0.48     
The results between me and Kristo turned out to be as I had expected actually. I lost him about a second or two with almost every control. The loss I gained with my running speed. He is in a rush at the moment and doing really good. But I hope to give him a great battle in the long distance.

8 August 2007

Koprakarikas day 3

Koprakarikas 05.08

Long distance, 8,89 km
Map: 1:15 000, H 2,5m

Since I had finally made a race that was close to "the zone", I felt quite optimistic about coming in on the third or even the second place totally. Winning was out of the question.

S-1: Turned in from the bend of the road and ran upwards. For a second I stopped, as I didn't want to lose contact with the map. Wanted to hit the big clear swamp but as I got closer, it didn't seem to be very clear. But as long as it was the right marsh, it didn't matter.
1-2: By the side of the hill and along the spur, out to the path. Turned in just a little before the end of the road, but still thought that I was on the last spur that went into the marsh. So I went a bit to the left but I found out where I was and took the control. Lost valuable seconds.
2-3: Path and "white" forest indeed.
3-4: Took a bearing and used the big distinctive green as a catching feature. Hit the small marsh just before it.
4-5: Around
5-6: Straight to the first bigger path, by the side of the green areas. When I got on the big road, I still hadn't made up my mind about which way to take. I saw that there were some runners in my class that were running by the side of the clearing but I didn't like that choice. Decided to take the right way around. Bare running and then by the edge of the marsh. Over the spur and then followed the height. Fastest was to run straight.
6-7: Took it slow. To the road.
7-8: I figured that the big field might not be so easily crossable. They usually aren't. So took a bearing to the end of the small path and wanted to run totally around the field and the green. But just like that, the path disappeared and I had to go straight on. Hit exactly the tip of the road and from there on it was no problem.
8-9: Followed the narrow ride. Ran up a bit to the left but got it quite well.
9-10: Climbed up slowly by the side of the slope and after crossing the road for a moment it was so difficult to ascend that I walked a few steps.
10-11: Used the same tactic as the day before - the place was familiar. Though I ran a bit differently in the green part. When I got on the road, I was pleasantly surprised by an unmapped refreshment point. It was exactly on my route, so I considered this as a bonus and took a drink. Carefully went to the control.
11-12: Over the knolls, around the marsh and tried to see the clear swamp ahead. Saw something like it and ran towards it. Aarrgh, it was the left one. Again lost some time.
12-13: Since the yesterday's course went the same way, I used that to my advantage. First ran to the depression that had been a control the day before. And then max speed to the small depression that was the next control of the previous day. Continued till the edge of the clearing. Slowed down and started looking for the control too early. Finally got it. Too much time lost here.
13-14: To the road and into the depression. Followed the small track as far as I could.

14-15: Along the ditch, onto the spur before the control. Instead, I landed on the right hand spur. Some confusion, and over the right spur. Was surprised by the depression as first I thought the stone was on a small knoll.
15-16: One confusion right after another. Past the hill. Very unconfident of my location when crossing the marshes. After the last marsh, continued in a random direction, to get somewhere. But eventually I realized where I was and headed for the control.
16-17: Difficult to go in the direction that I needed to. Followed some beaten tracks that lead to the clearing on the right. Some seconds more lost right before the control.
17-18: To the path as fast as I could. Easy.
18-19: Narrow ride, road, re-entrant. What's so difficult?
19-20: Bearing to the road. No cutting through the green there! Missed the road by a few meters. Turned in from the corner of the clearing.
20-21: Run!
21-22: Why run straight onto the clearing when you can also run a bit longer and through the thickest hedge you've ever seen? Well, that's what I did. That cost me about 15 seconds.
22-25: I was in the "zone".
25-F: Pressed out the whole maximum strength. Wanted to win everybody in the finish. Unlucky. As there were two stations in the finish, one didn't have the correct time of day programmed into it. So my finish time was about 8-10 seconds more than it really was.

1. Lauri Sild                   00:58.09
2. Kristo Heinmann                00:59.37  +1:28
3. Priit Randman                  01:03.10  +5:01
4. Andris Kivlenieks              01:05.02  +6:57
  1. Kristo Heinmann              02:23.43
2. Lauri Sild                     02:31.14  +7:31
3. Priit Randman                  02:33.16  +9:32
4. Andris Kivlenieks              02:36.20  +12:36

Still not a satisfying race made. But the last loop of the course showed some potential. What a place in total after a disastrous first day. That means only one thing - not many good runners here.

Krootuse Sprint

Krootuse sprint 04.08

Sprint, 3,24 km.
Map: 1:5000, H 2,5m

Later that evening, after Koprakarikas' second day, there was a sprint event in a nearby town. Although I ran the 18 class, we had the same course as the men did.
When warming up, I didn't feel the lightness in my feet, which is crucial for sprints.

S-1: Moved on slowly, trying to find the starting point. Finally found it and then tried to find a way to the first control. I saw that I could get in the fence but where could I get out? Eventually did see the other gate and forced myself to run fast. It was difficult to make up from the map if I could get through between the house and the settlement area. When I got there, I saw that I could but the space between two buildings was as narrow as it was on the map.
1-2: Around and between gardens and greenhouses. At one small hut sat two drunk men, telling which way to go. Didn't listen to them but they were right :)
2-3: Difficult to get directly through the hedge so had to run a few meters extra to get to the other side.
3-5: -
4-6: Directly to the small bridge over the canal and up the hill. My feet felt nicely loose.
6-7: Down the road and saw that there was no way getting straight through. Ran more down and wanted to find the footpath. Passed it by a meter and quickly went back and ran up. Hit a lot of nettles, which weren't very pleasant as I had kneeshort o-pants and no long socks.
7-8: Directly down. On the field, there was another wide sandy track which had me confused a bit and the proportion of the map felt weird. But still punched with no considerable mistake.
8-9: Astonishing. Took the path to run around the big building but then checked the control description and saw that the control was on the inside corner of the fence! Immediately stopped and seeked for the nearest entrance. Saw the one on the left. Went back and about a 100 meters later, I could see the control, and it was on the outside corner! What the heck!? Checked control description again and I wasn't wrong, it had to be on the inside corner. But as the control was outside, had to run around the settlement and to the control. What a negligent job by the organizers!
9-10: Ran straight, but there was something big on the terrain that I didn't see on the map! It was an electrical substation. Since I didn't see it on the map and I was going in the correct direction, I didn't pay any attention to it.
10-11: Some motocross tracks and a few nettles in the end.
11-12: No choice.
12-13: Before the control, I decided to run around the house from the left as it would be easier to continue running straight on from there. But as I turned around the corner, I stepped in to a puddle of almost pure liquid manure. It wasn't very deep, but my trainers were covered in it and it stinked terrible!
13-14: Didn't understand, if I could get through between the two settlement areas. Took my chances. Fortunately I could. Right before the control, I saw that there was another flag in the corner of the left house as well. But I knew where mine was. Punched and was chocked when I saw that the control code wasn't mine! Very confused as I was very definite of my exact location. Went to the other flag I had seen and saw that the control code was correct! Punched in that one too and was again angry with the organizers. Turns out, those control stations were mixed.
14-15: Straight to the cave. The control was 20 meters inside it. It was dark but I could see enough.
15-16: Very tired.
16-F: Almost maximum in that condition.


  1. Lauri Sild                     Võru                 00:15.49
2. Kaspar Kork                    Kobras               00:15.54
3. Priit Randman                  Rakv                 00:16.05
4. Erki Pellja                    JOKA                 00:16.53    
Not satisfied with the race or the competition at all.

7 August 2007

Koprakarikas day 2

Koprakarikas 04.08

Long distance, 7,65 km.
Map: 1: 15 000, H 2,5m.

There was no meaning to go running at maximum speed and strength because of the tragic first day. There wasn't much to catch - I was way far behind. But still tried to give a competitive performance.

S-2: Paths and contours.
2-3: Followed the ditch and ran to dry land. Held to the left on purpose, so that I knew which way to run when I reached the edge of the marsh. Turned left before the narrow marsh and I could already see the orange-white triangle.
3-4: Long one. Had only decided half way of the leg. Wanted to hit the narrow ride but had some problems catching the end of it. Crossed without barely noticing and came back when I was already in the green. On the field. Didn't want to run straight by the edge, so I ran through the event centre. The plan was to run through the swamp a bit and reach the end of the straight path. But as the marsh was not so nice, I ran around it. When reaching the clearing, I was trying to make a decision where I should continue. There was a small path that went straight on but seemed to end at the refreshment point (when running, I thought it was a north line that continued from there on, as it's almost exactly on the same line). So I saw an alternative - to run through the white all the way till the long straight road/track. When I turned in from the road to the "white" forest, I expected good runnability, as well as visibility. But I was frustrated by the sight - it was the opposite of what I had waited for. So I struggled until I got to the first track, from where on it was nice forest. Didn't know my precise location, as I just ran towards the
long straight road/track. As the temperature was high and the sun was high up in the sky, the running part wasn't easy. When I got to the big road, I was surprised by the view - no forest ahead. In fact, logging was taking part that very moment. Then I remembered that this was mentioned in the info. I followed the contours, but still ended up too low - at the lower marsh. Cautiously ran upwards and punched.
4-5: Some carving through the green.
5-6: Running around seemed to be too much, so I ran to the marsh and followed the small ditch. Then used the big road as a catching feature. Clarified my position and punched.
6-7: Past the swamp and a lucky shot to the control. Refreshments, but I didn't feel the need to.
7-8: Carefully.
8-9: Tough choice. Around the hill. By the look of the clearing and the green at the back, I decided to run around. Hit the road and then followed a beaten track to the white part of the forest. Easy control.
9-10: Straight across, and up the hill. 15 000 was a bit hard to read so I stopped for a sec to glance at the map. Simple again.
10-11: By the side of the clearing, till the road. Read myself too much ahead and turned in too early. Had a brief moment for thinking and then continued in the correct direction.
11-12: Around the mire.
12-13: Didn't make anything out of the scale so took a bearing and tried to keep in touch with the map. Looked at the terrain and knew directly where I was. Quickly to the control.
13-14: Wanted to run to the north-directed narrow ride, but ended up on the east-west-directed one. I thought I was on the correct one and quickly checked the compass - everything seemed to be fine. So I continued to run till the crossing with the refreshment point but I was surprised when I came to a clearing without any drinks. Checked compass again and now it was a whole different story - I was heading in the exact opposite direction. Ran fast to make up for the loss that I had made. Still wasn't any refreshments on the way but then I saw that the point was a bit away from the crossing. The rest was easy.
14-15: Went carefully, not to repeat the mistake I had previously made on the short leg.
15-16: Even more carefully.
16-17: Followed the ridge.
17-18: Out to the white and straight on.
18-F: Tried to run fast but not maximum.


1. Lauri Sild                  53.02
2. Kristo Heinmann     54.01      +0:59
3. Andris Kivlenieks   56.15      +3:13
4. Priit Randman         58.04      +5:02
5. Erki Pellja               01:02.09   +9:07
Kaspar Kork             DQ                DQ
1. Kristo Heinmann         01:24.06
2. Priit Randman              01:30.06      +6:00
3. Andris Kivlenieks       01:31.18      +7:12
4. Lauri Sild                       01:33.05      +8:59
At last, after a very long time, I had made a race that I could be a little satisfied with.

6 August 2007

Koprakarikas day 1

Koprakarikas 03.08

Middle distance, 4,47 km.
Map: 1: 10 000, H 2,5m.

The first day of this three-day event was a real adventure. Even the lowest moments of this years O-Ringen weren't terrible enough to compare with this one.

Some information about what happened earlier that morning: Me and Markus woke up at about 5 AM swedish time to catch a plane from Arlanda to Tallinn. We were picked up by a friend to go to the competition. But first we stopped at our friends house and had something to eat. When we discovered that my start was much earlier than their start, we took off fast, not to be late for my start. It was a two and a half-hour drive and I was forced to change my clothes on the way. Arrived about 20 minutes before my start and I had to take care of some business in the toilet first. Fortunately I had enough time to warm up. But the bad thing was that I didn't have the best feeling in my feet since I had almost sat for 8 hours.

S-1: Easy. The start felt good, had great contact with the map too.
1-2: Ran just past the small knolls on the left and followed the clear marshes. Once I was on the side of the correct marsh, I stopped as I saw no control. What the heck!? This must be it! Maybe I'm still in the previous swamp? So I continued and ran on. When I was starting to see the big field, I had clearly gone too far. Had I gone off to the right or to the left, that I didn't know. Ran left and then back again to catch some distinctive feature to position myself. Got to the narrow ride and clarified my location. Ran to the knoll and then to the control. I knew I had been there but how could I not have seen the flag? When punching, I saw Kaspar (definately one of the main favorites in this comp) closing in on the control. He started two minutes after me.
2-3: Took off quickly, not to be caught by Kaspar. But that didn't work out well. When I got to the first road, I corrected my heading and ran over the big spur. Over the first path, then the marsh and stopped on the road. Didn't want to move on until I definately knew which way the control was. These kind of moments reminded me of O-Ringen and how I had ran there - not really bringing together the map and the terrain.
3-4: Kaspar had gotten closer, at least it seemed so. Ran parallel to the path (don't ask me why) and turned right to catch the road. Cut off the corner of the forest before the clearing but I don't know if that paid off as the forest was not so nice. Took the control very unconfidently.
4-5: Wanted to run straight but the vegetation didn't allow that. Saw a small trail on the left so I got on it. Ran a bit too far since I had not linked the map to the terrain AGAIN. Saw the marsh below and moved to the right slowly. The map made no sense to me. Again went too far and came back, but I couldn't see the re-entrant of the control. "Connection lost", totally. Then I saw Kaspar coming and heading in a confident pace and way. I assumed that he knew where he was going. Wanted to follow him and after two steps I already saw the control. Punched right before Kaspar. What an idiot I am! What could possibly go worse?
5-6: Passed the marshes, over the last long spur, onto the flat area and from there I could see the control area. Kaspar had fallen behind a bit.
6-7: Straight on.
7-8: To the narrow track, which was quite clear. Cut off a corner again and saw a clearing ahead and thought it was the one where my control was. Seemed quite OK until I was on the cut area itself. Stopped and realized what I had done and ran towards the right clearing. Again saw Kaspar.
8-9: No choice. But when I punched, the control station wasn't as quick as I was, so I had to step back to the control again. I wasn't the only one with this problem - must have been a slow station.
9-10: -
10-11: Here comes the mistake of the day. Almost all the way I thought I was "under the red line". Ran to the clear marsh, got on the narrow ride right next to the swamp. Through the dark green, right beside the marsh. Everything seemed to be in place. Came out on the white forest and thought I was in the right place. I only followed the edge of the green and didn't notice that in the right place, there should be a swamp, not a hill. Turned in from the corner of the white. A lot of fighting through the bushes and the thick spruces. Finally came out. Everything seemed OK - swamp and a hill on the left. Ran around the hill, into the depression (exactly as in the right place). But where the heck is the control!? A brief wandering and I knew where I was. Took off and started running to the 15th control, instead of the 11th. Got there and met Kaspar, who really was in his 15th. Punched and then got to know why he punched there too. No problem finding my 11th after that.
11-14: No mistakes but the speed was really low since I had no motivation to run.
14-15: Although I had already been to that control, I still missed it a bit and lost about 15 seconds there.
15-16: In the green I had no idea of my exact location. Should have ran around the green. But fortunately ended up on the small "island". Control was a bit hidden.
16-17: Out to the path. Again went about 10 meters too far and had to come back.
17-18: Easy.
18-19: Ran on the marsh for some time and then headed straight for the control. Got out on an open marsh but didn't know on which one. There was an open area on the right so I went to check it out - no good news. So I went to the other side and after some wandering I found it.
19-20: Wanted to follow the marshes but that didn't work out. Again some wandering till found the control.
20-21: Slow
21-F: Really slow.

1. Kristo Heinmann 30:05
2. Priit Randman 32:02 +1:57
3. Andris Kivlenieks 35:03 +4:58
4. Kaspar Kork 39:20 +9:15
5. Lauri Sild 40:03 +9:58

After the race I wanted to compare times with Kaspar but since I didn't see him, I thought he had already gone to shower. But after a minute I heard the speaker say that Kaspar had just finished. What a surprise.
I was really depressed. This must be the lowest point of my orienteering career - a lot of races in a row that have totally failed.