11 August 2012


The season has been a struggle. I finally got myself going before the first important event - the EOC. A week before, 10MILA indicated fairly well of where I stand. With a partly sloppy race I was fastest on the 3rd leg and raised Delta to a 2nd place. The physical condition was great and I was looking forward to the Championships. But somehow I was starting to feel strange after a few days, not exactly sick and not exactly well. A slight headache accompanied me for the next week or so. I was weakened and with almost no power in my legs, the Swedish orienteering festival was ruined for me.
Middle qualification map, results
Long qualification map, results; final map, results
Relay map, results
Photo: Olle Kärner
After the frustrating week, I started focusing more on what's important. The ultimate goal WOC of course, middle distance in particular. Before that, Jukola should have been the right place to be in considerably good shape again. First, I needed to gain some vitality again. Some rest and basic training should have assured that in a few weeks' time. During that period, I took part in the "compulsory" Baltic Champs in nice terrain and with an unsurprising result - 9th place on the long distance.
Long distance map, results
Relay map, results

A week later, I was starting to feel alright again. It was time to test my wellbeing on the Estonian middle distance Champs. It was a blast! Enjoyed the race very much. Technical, with varying sections of slow and fast orienteering. Plus, the weather was somewhat extreme, as it was pouring pitchforks, just the way I like it! Sadly I messed up my race on one key leg and lost the chance to win. Physically I was feeling rather blunt, but in a good way. It was the kind of state, that allowed to build up a good shape.

I went on to sharpen my foot at the Military World Championships in Aalborg, Denmark. A terrain I was familiar with since JWOC 2010 (old training maps on the maps page), but never got off on the right foot with. Interesting races and suited quite well in my overall plans. Just a little bit too close to Jukola, only two days in between.
Middle map, results
Long loop 1 map, loop 2 map, results
Relay map, results
Team competition 3rd, just 1,5 mins behind Switzerland! Results

Now, Jukola at last! I had some doubts in a good race, since it hadn't felt that good in Denmark. But I had been preparing for this over some time and knew that anything was possible. I started 18th, a couple of minutes behind and managed to catch up the leader quite early in the race. I didn't have very much to give, but I mobilized myself as much as possible and continue as long as I could. The race was far from perfect: right before the 10th control, I was surprised to already see the border of the forbidden area and thought I had gone too far, that explains the mistake. Was the plastic in the terrain in the correct place? We'll never know. Anyway, I continued well after that, until I had basically used up all of my resources. That is on the way to the 17th control. The latter part of the race was just a fight with myself, just to finish decently. Sadly the leaders gained a little gap during the last forking and was half a minute behind. Impressive race by Eskil Kinneberg!
Delta finished 4th in total, a little dissapointment, with 13:30 behind.
Jukola finish
Photo: Mikael Ahlfors / Valio-Jukola

Now it was time to fully concentrate on WOC - good trainings in Finland at the beautiful Koli nature reserve and nice terrains at Kalevan Rastiviestit and Kainuun Rastiviikko. The more time went on, the more I was preparing for the middle distance. I hadn't succeeded in any long distance race during the season and nor did the terrain seem like something that would suit me, unlike the middle distance. Actually, it had seemed that way over a year already, it just became more obvious as the Champs approached.
Kalevan Rastiviestit map, results, GPS tracking
Kainuun Rastiviikko
day 2 map, results
day 3 map, results
day 4 map, results

Lost in Koli Surroundigs
Coming up: WOC story and more...

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