25 April 2012

Serving Two Lords

There won't be any longer story, just an overview of the season beginning.

30.03.-01.04. National team camp in Jõulumäe, practically first orienteering this season. Orienteering was pretty ok and it felt great to run in snowless forest.
1. Plain orienteering map
2. Cut areas + direction training map (route is on an ordinary map)
3. Middle distance race map
4. Contours map
5. Long run map

06.04-09.04. Time for Delta 10Mila camp. Plenty of night trainings on strange maps and a few races. The long distance race in Finspång was no good on my behalf. Both physical and technical sides were to blame for. Just couldn't get any rhythm. Kolmårdskavlen (relay) was different. Just some rusty early season orienteering, being actually able to run.
Finspångsorienteringen map, results
Kolmårdskavlen, 2nd leg map, results
Peko Kevad day 1
Photo: OK Peko
14.04.-15.04. Peko Kevad and EOC long selection on first day. First day: terrible-terrible-terrible. Running felt like torture right from the beginning + no good map contact. Felt like all the valves were closed and after the race I didn't feel tired. The second day was more fun, but didn't feel much better.
1. Long distance first loop map, second loop map, results
2. Middle distance map, results

21.04. Riga Cup and EOC middle selection. No actual running capacity and even worse map communicating, especially in this overdetailed map. The niftily hidden controls and the large amount of them in the terrain made it even trickier. In the night, Jüriööjooks (mixed relay), running the anchor. Felt better than during the day and orienteering was also better (but the course was pretty basic).
Riga cup map, results
Jüriöö map, results
Dream (Jüriöö) Team
Photo: Tartumaa Spordiliit

Now a lot of schoolwork awaits, while also trying to prepare for 10Mila and EOC...

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