17 September 2007

Latvian Championship, Middle

Latvian Championship, Middle 15.09

Course: V18; 4,1 km.
Map: Kalnu sili, 1:10000, H 2,5 m.

I was not running for the title - I had already ran and won the middle distance championship in Estonia.
The forest was as as sparse as it could get. It was like running in a city park, maybe even faster. Just so that you would know that the speed in the forest was high, and I mean REALLY high. The height differences were not that remarkable either. So I just decided to make an equally fast race instead of a really fast beginning or end. Since there was not much option to run around, the technique was to use the compass a lot and correct the heading on the way by reading the necessary objects. Every second counts.

S-1: Ran directly up by the beaten track, to the other side of the ridge. Followed the height and passed the two knolls on the right.
1-2: The location of the control could already be seen from the first one.
2-3: At first, I wanted to avoid the extra climb and run more around the depression but changed my mind once I saw that the heights weren't that big. Over the ridge and pure compass to the control.
3-4: Didn't know what the marsh would be like. Ran up the knoll and saw that it was a small well-runnable moor. Crossed it and ran up the narrow re-entrant, over the saddle. Again followed the height on the side of the ridge, into the control. So far I hadn't understood anything about the open areas on the map. I guess the density of the forest was so low that there was not much difference between areas with or without trees. No difference in the undergrowth either. So I just ignored them.
4-5: Bearing to the knoll with the rootstock.
5-6: Not avoiding the climb here either. The narrow rides were so sandy, that the forest was faster.
6-7: Didn't make out much of the form lines, so I inclined a bit to the left at first, then I saw the control.
7-8: Again, the location of the control could be seen from far away.
8-9: By the slope and up the steep one in the end. Took me walking for a few steps in the end though.
9-10: Compass. Through the saddle and already saw where I needed to go.
10-11: On the ridge, down right before the last knoll.
11-12: Again the destination could be determined from far away.
12-13: On the side of the slope, to the control on the backside of the knoll. There were many controls very close to each other in that area, which got a lot of people confused.
13-14: Easy. In the middle of the leg, a small insect flew int my eye so I couldn't see much for some seconds and my eyes got all watery and ran with one eye open until I got to the last control.
14-F: OK speed for a sandy track.
Splits (V18)

4:36 min/km

    1. Dišlers Kārlis      18:32
2. Sild Lauri          18:39   +0:07
3. Jubelis Andris      18:42   +0:10
4. Žagata Zemgus       18:48   +0:16
5. Pauliņš Artūrs      19:47   +1:15
6. Laveiķis Andis      20:07   +1:35

I was satisfied, in consideration of my physical abilities. I don't think I would have been able to run much faster than I did.
The next day, I was also going to run the relay with my family team. Too bad that I had to run the first leg - I'm best in the middle leg. But I had no choice since my father was running, he had to take the second shift. But I didn't let that interfere my plans.


  1. Wow, you are like the best in the baltic states, i think, even that karlis dislers won you by so little and it was his home-forest, so you really are the best and so on.

  2. I don't think it was Karlis' home forest. He was the best on that day.

  3. päris kiiresti jooksid, mina ei suudaks nii kiiresti joosta(vähemalt hetkel)

  4. Ei olnud ta nii hull midagi. Usun, et sul oleks päris head šansid olnud.