10 September 2007

Estonian Championship, Ultra long

EMV Ultra long 08.09

Course: 16,1 km, mass start.
Map: Apuparra, 1:10000, H 2,5 m.

I was actually really waiting for a mass start as I couldn't remember when had been the last time that all the best from all over the country was taking part of a mass start competition. I was certain that I would be able to keep up with the fastest runners as my physical shape had been quite good during the whole late season.

S-1: The starting shot given, took the map and immediately the first control was clear. Everything happened in a break of a second - a good start. Although I didn't want to heat up the speed right away, I was compelled to do it as everyone was closing in fast and I didn't want to stay behind the leaders. Strange that there was a forbidden area right in the way. I got on the big road, being in the lead, right beside to Kristo. The speed was definitely high, but I kept my cool. We were running a bit too far and I turned suddenly into the forest. The control was easy and I already had a 3-second lead ahead of the second.
1-2: Struggled onto the road. Was on it and already I could see everybody closing in from behind again and Kristo right next to me again. Tried to make a plan for myself. At first we had a "teamwork" plan but that wasn't used for long. I decided to follow the road to the crossing point and climb up top the field and use a narrow ride from there on. I knew that my opponents and I couldn't keep running with that kind of speed forever... When reaching the crossing, a thing that I had waited for happened - we split up. Kristo turned left and I ran straight on. To my relief all the others (at least I think so) took the same choice that Kristo took. Mass instinct. My plan was to take another route and run fast, to get ahead of the group. And it worked, although I didn't know that when running. I kept running until I reached the bog. On the first "island" I got together with the junior class. They had the same control. I made a small mistake but nothing big. Here I was already 50 seconds ahead of the second.
2-3: Without knowing if I was in the lead or I had fallen behind, I kept moving quite fast. The routechoice to the third was tricky. I wasn't really tempted to go from the left, so I went from the right, to avoid some of the bog. When I reached the hillside, I realized I hadn't made the right choice. The slope was rather green than white and it was covered with fallen logs. Fought my way through and reached the more plain grounds. Over the ridge, into the control. Saw the junior class men again - must have had the same leg.
3-4: Just going straight. When I was just about to reach the road again, I saw my opponents coming in the opposite direction. I was in the lead! I wanted it to remain that way and I added some speed. The control was easy, and again it was a same leg for the juniors.
4-5: Easy. Speeding on paths and a simple control.
5-6: Everything was really clear - one depression after another. The last big one and then a narrow ride. Suddenly, a knoll in front of me!? How can it be? There was supposed to be a depression instead of the knoll that I saw. Started running left by the track, to make some sense. Saw a depression ahead and automatically thought that it was the one before the control. Followed the side of it and saw another deep depression. Then it hit me where I was. To the control. The compass directions seemed weird. Punch.
6-7: Now, to the "butterfly". When running out of the control, I saw One of my main opponents coming from the fifth. I had lost time but the distance was good enough for me. Easy control
7-8: Took a bearing to the road and narrow ride. Ran straight on fast til I came to the point where I had run before. I had memorized the area well, so there was no difficulty to read myself back into the map.
8-9: Out to the road.
9-10: Back to the center. Up from the spur and following the long re-entrant on the side as well as the depressions.
10-11: Through the saddle and into a risky approach. Fortunately even the smaller re-entrants were clear and finding the flag didn't present any difficulties.
11-12: Down to the marshes and up the gully to the refreshment control. Stopped to have a drink. The relatively cold water caused a slight shock. It was almost impossible to swallow so I just flushed my mouth and poured some water on my head. Easy control.
12-13: Followed the hight and reached a wide, bigger re-entrant that helped my navigate. Onto the steep slope and the flag could be seen from far away.
13-14: Onto the road. Ripped my sleeve when fighting out from the bushes. Just running til the junction and down the slope from there on. Didn't know what kind of a threat the "uncrossable marsh" was, so I went around it.
14-15: To the center again. Straight up to the path, cut off the corner and through the depression.
15-16: Just running.
16-17: First, I had planned to run as much land from the right as possible but when I got to the higher area, I could see the whole picture. It seemed to be a long way around, so I just decided to head for the big island and to the next one from there on. I could feel the strength in my feet when running across the huge moor. Passed the islands and got onto the mapped small track. Followed it and ran through the small valley, over the road, across the drenched ditch, into the control.
17-18: The indistinct marsh got me frightened about the next leg. So I decided to go back to the road, the way I had come. Some meters and back in again.
18-19: Not much choice. Almost straight going back to the small track in the marsh. Easy.
19-20: Not tempted by the green so I ran along the ridge, until I came to the marshy area. Crossed it and got onto the smaller clearings and open areas.
20-21: Again not much choice. Path, narrow ride, control.
21-22: Took a bearing up to the fields. I didn't plan to drink anything, as it wasn't on my route and also, I knew there wasn't much more to go. But to my surprise, the refreshments were not exactly where they were supposed to. So, what the heck, I took a cup of water. Ran the road as close to the control as I could and with a small miss, I got it.
22-23: Nothing to it, just run! I was surprised how much strength I had left in my feet to run up the hill.
23-24: First I wanted to catch the end of the track but didn't bother and ran back down again. Crossed the creek and ran straight up. When closing into the control, a bit of misunderstanding struck. But not for long.
24-25: Bearing, roads, clearings, contours, control.
25-26: Straight to the road across the swamp. A solid run to the last control.
26-F: Despite the tiredness, I made a strong spurt into the finish.

  1. Lauri Sild          01:44.46 
2. Kristo Heinmann     01:51.03   +6:17
3. Kaspar Kork         01:51.26   +6:40
4. Erki Pellja         02:01.09   +16:13
5. Priit Randman       02:13.13   +28:27


  1. Päris kõva jooks.. 6. minutiga ära teha , see on sitaks kõva!

  2. Hello! could you possibly talk anything about your epic journey to the magnificent Latvian Republic?

  3. I'm just about to do that.

  4. Why do you draw your routechoises with different colors? Is it because of the readability?

  5. Yes, it's the readability. When the routes cross, it's better to read and follow the line. And it also depends on the map color below.