19 November 2010

Next step

What have I been up to? Well, after the championships had ended, my resting period began. It was important to take some time off and take it easy for a while. Interestingly enough, my preparation season began with Baltic Junior Cup - this was the last notable competition in 20 class for me. Farewell children, welcome men! The event itself was very enjoyable and the terrains were terrific. I heard that the terrains get more interesting southwards and we were basically running in the northern tip. I'm definitely going back there! As for the races, the courses were fast and I wasn't. With the speed I had, I could have last for a long time, but I couldn't go any faster. And the forest, well, it favored fast runners. Tried to make a technically clean race, but the rusty skills didn't allow that. I was very glad that I even got a medal - bronze! The relay was even faster and I was even rustier, I did what I could on that day and that was it. This was a very memorable weekend!
Long distance map, results
Relay map, results
"He-he, all this for me!"
The next weekends offered some of the most fun events in the whole year. First, KoKu - a long team competition (duo/trio), using retro maps. The distances have always been quite long, this time it was said to have been the longest - 24 km, which took 3 hours for me, Kristo and Jaagup. As the team name was "The Sild Experience" (without Timo this year), Jaagup totally got the experience. We still won, as a lot of other teams experienced something similar to what Jaagup did. This day fit nicely to my training plan.
Map 1, map 2, map 3, map 4, map 5, results

The other great event was the 22nd Club Match between Turun Metsänkävijät, OK Võru and OK Meridiāns, in Latvia. The terrain was nice, something what I had't had for a while. While I enjoyed the running, I was rather sad that I wasn't very much able to take part in the social side of the event. It's difficult when there's so much going on at the same time in school. That's also the reason I haven't written here. But I was still glad that I found the time to be a part of the meeting once again! As for the results, this was already my 3rd Club Match individual victory, Mikko Knuuti is worried that I've won more than he has. Nevertheless, the finns have been unbeatable in relay, exactly like this year.
Individual map, results
Relay map, results
Team spirit! (individual race finish)

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