5 April 2008

The season begins

So, what have I been doing after the last post?
Besides increasing the amount of training hours, I have taken part in several indoor orienteering competitions, one rogain/extreme type of competition and a training camp in Sweden with the national junior team. Additionally, I took part in quite a few skiing races, of which one was a marathon, two were school competitions and one was a military competition.
More closely:
The indoor competition series, which I already mentioned in my previous post, ended successfully for me. After the first stage I was satisfied with the third place and couldn't want for more for the moment. But then, I won the three next stages in a row! But then at the next stage failure struck and I was second in a mild contest. Didn't let that get me down as I remembered that if I was satisfied with my third place, then why shouldn't I be with the second? But then I redeemed myself by winning the last two stages. In total, I got maximum points as five best results of the 7 counted.
A map from the last stage's final's second loop:
Then, a three and a half hour extreme/rogain competition of which took part almost two hundred 3-membered teams. I was in the team "Lauto on samu" with Kristo Heinmann and Mattias Rennel. We came 6th, and we were pleased with it. Here are the results and here is the map: At spring break from school, I went to Göteborg with the junior national team to train for this year's JWOC. We ran on many terrains which were similar to the one's that the championships will be on. I'm glad that I could cope with the terrains and had only little problems. But the bad thing about the camp was the timing - it was snowing! The only time that there was snow in Göteborg and it just happened to be at the time that we were there! That did disturb a little when running on a map and trying to adjust to the terrain. But good running practice though! We also took part of a night orienteering competition in Sweden. I think it was a smaller, local competition. I ran the M20E class (I'm originally in 18 class) and surprisingly, won. The terrain was flat, without any serious details. Results and routes (20.03.2008, Häxjakten).
Skiing. The school competitions and the military one weren't very important to me and so I prepared myself for the marathon. As I went skiing quite a lot in the middle of the winter, the quantity decreased as there wasn't much snow and I didn't have much opportunity to ski. As I result, when I was in the start of the marathon, I stood on skis for the first time in two and a half weeks. That reduced the chance of making a good race. I was also disappointed when I heard that the track was shorter this year, due to the lack of snow. But I almost reached my goal, to be in the first hundred finishers. I guess I would have reached that if the track would have been in its original length, 40 km. Out of the 460, I was 106. And lost 30 minutes to the winner, Algo Kärp.
So this is what I have been doing. The trainings at the moment show that I will presumably be in good shape in the season.